Working with our clients on their events and conference program each year, we discuss the key objectives of their brand and the objective of each project and how it will align with overall brand strategy.  This month, Iain Gibson from RGC Branding Agency shares the importance of brand to your business, asks the question is it time for a branding change and shares with you the tools to start your re-brand journey.

By Iain Gibson November 2017

A rebrand can beautifully symbolise a company’s new direction, it can be a kind of rebirth or a rites of passage. It’s an opportunity for CEO’s, General Managers and Marketing Teams to explain what it is now, where its come from, where its going and how its going to get there. 

Why change?

There’s always a reason to change. The catalyst might be increased competition leading to a loss of market share, but what lies behind that? The brand identity may look dated, changes in technology can have an impact, a pending merger or a friendly takeover, a new CEO who wants to make a fresh start… or a company that takes some of its brands for granted, not investing in them, gradually eroding their significance over time. Whatever the reason there are always a number of triggers for change, but where do you begin.

Where to start?

You could start by answering a few of these questions:

  1. Why are you considering a rebrand?
  2. What’s the problem in your view?
  3. What’s letting you know its a problem?
  4. What’s the impact on your business?
  5. Does your current brand tell an outdated story?
  6. Has your customer profile changed? 
  7. How will you measure the rebrand’s success?
  8. What’s the return on investment if success is achieved?
  9. What’s stopped you from resolving this in the past?
  10. If you were starting your business tomorrow, would your current brand solution be what you would come up with today?

Rebranding can be a challenging and exciting prospect, but with the right advice from an experienced branding partner you can understand what needs to be changed and why.

Who to choose?

RGC is a strategic branding agency based in Sydney. For over 18 years we have created, launched, implemented and managed brands for companies spanning many business sectors from education to residential and retail, industrial to professional services, banking and finance to sports. We combine strategy, creativity, and technology to grow brands and businesses. We believe every enterprise from a new business start-up to a large multi-national can benefit from bringing their story to life imaginatively, empowering their brand marketing messages and promoting more effective connections with their customers. Our many clients include: BASF, Caltex, Mirvac, Stockland, Sydney University and the Waratahs.

Client testimonial

“We wanted a modern, innovative brand mark and a user-friendly solution for our new website. RGC understood exactly what we wanted, and provided a great balance of both creative insights and practical expertise. They are always helpful and happy to take time to answer questions, from the early phase of project design through to the final stages. We were impressed”.

If you’re going through a re-brand but are worried about the challenges you face, talk to us. We’d love to help you get started and ensure that your rebrand becomes a success.  

Iain Gibson, Director & Partner, RGC Branding Agency
02 9555 9056

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