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10 task credits per month
Equal to 40 hours annually

Dedicated Business Concierge

Unused task credits rollover at the end of each month

1 primary account holder plus access for 2 team members

Renewed annually

25 task credits per month
Equal to 100 hours annually

Dedicated Business Concierge

Unused task credits rollover at the end of each month

1 primary account holder plus access for 5 team members

Renewed annually

20 task credits
Equal to 6 hours, 40 minutes

Dedicated Business Concierge

Credits must be used within 12 months

1 account holder

One-off purchase


Frequently Asked Questions

Business Concierge

Our Business Concierge work standard business hours (9:00am – 6:00pm) Monday – Friday.

You can submit new task requests at any time, but your dedicated Business Concierge will only be available to work on your requests during standard business hours.

You can communicate directly with your Business Concierge via our digital task platform plus you’ll receive a dedicated email address and phone number to contact our team.

Our Business Concierge team are highly skilled Australian-based professionals with many years experience in customer service and project management. They are highly educated, cultured, passionate, committed and trustworthy.

We choose our Business Concierge team carefully and they undertake a rigorous onboarding process when they join our team.

If you would like to explore joining our team and helping our members make life and business happen, please email

Business Tasks

Once you purchase your annual Optimise, Elevate membership or Business20 Casual Task Pack, you will have your own digital task board created for you, powered by

You will meet with your Business Concierge via an initial Zoom session to plan your year ahead, including all of the major moments and business tasks to be done.

Then, we’ll get to work. We’ll start to complete the tasks we’ve planned in your Year Ahead session for our annual memberships and task list for your casual pack. You will submit new tasks via your task board each week.

As we complete tasks, we’ll utilise your task credits and we’ll keep you up to date with your task credit status at every stage.

We also recommend downloading the app on your mobile device so you can easily submit new tasks and manage ongoing tasks while you’re on the go.

Your Business, in the palm of your hand.

Almost anything, as long as it is not illegal or immoral.

Our Business Concierge are masters at planning, organising and making things happen. They are connected to the best suppliers, services and experiences in Australia and abroad, making things happen swiftly and with ease.

From the highly practical – like venue research, restaurant reservatins, speakers, corporate hospitality ticketing, boardroom catering; through to the more elevated – like access to entertainment tickets, exclusive dining bookings or styling and team rewards, leadership retreats, corporate gifting – we can do it all, easily.

Occasionally, our members will submit a task request that falls outside the scope of Business Task services (for example, the task requires further research and experience, it is a project and not a viable ‘task’ request). When this happens, we will offer to quote you on an hourly rate or project fee to complete the task.

Our Business Concierge team are highly skilled at recommending and coordinating the very best services to get things done for you.

Business Concierge complete the task request personally or in consultation with the selected product or service provider. If the task requires our Business Concierge to complete the errand onsite themselves – tracking begins from the time the Business Concierge Manager departs the office until the last requested task is completed.

All charges and costs incurred as a result of sourcing services and products on your behalf are billed directly to you. Your Business Concierge will require credit card details for all purchases so you can be charged directly by the supplier. This process allows for transparency of all costs.

Task Credits

Task credits are used for anything you would like us to complete on your task list.

One task credit equals 20 minutes. If your task will take more than 20 minutes, we will let you know and with your approval, the appropriate number of task credits will be deducted from your task credit balance. You can also specify the maximum number of task credits you would like us to utilise for a particular task.

The maximum number of credits that can be used to complete a task is 5. If your request requires more time than this (e.g. a major project, ongoing activities outside of the usual service scope) we will let you know and with your approval, bill you separately on an hourly basis.

If you have purchased an annual Optimise or Elevate membership and you utilise all of your monthly task credits (10 or 25 credits are included in your membership, per month), we can deduct the additional task credits from the next month.

If you have purchased a Casual Task Pack (Business20) and you utilise all of your task credits, you can purchase an additional Casual Task Pack or upgrade to an annual Optimise or Elevate membership.

Task credits that haven’t been used at the end of each month will automatically rollover to the next month.

If you have unused task credits at the end of your annual membership period, your credits will become void.

If you decide to cancel your membership early, any unused credits will become void and will not be able to be used.

You have 12 months from the purchase date of your Casual Task Pack to utilise your task credits. If you have unused task credits at the end of that 12 month period, your credits will become void.


We don’t offer trial memberships however a great way to get started with a Business Concierge is to purchase a Casual Task Pack (Business20). This allows you to get to know the team and experience the positive impact the service has on your life.

We find many of our members who commence their journey with us via a Casual Task Pack, often upgrade to an annual Optimise or Elevate membership within the first few months of working with us.

Our annual Optimise and Elevate membership is billed as one yearly purchase, to allow for ongoing collaboration and flexibility as we work together. We have found this to be the best approach for our members.

If you would prefer to pay for your membership on a monthly basis, simply email and we will make the arrangements.

Although this doesn’t happen very often, if for any reason you’d like to cancel your membership, simply email

If you choose to cancel, your remaining task credits and unused monthly membership fee will become void.


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