Entertaining - SettingPerfect Gift for the Perfect Hostess
It is always so special to be invited to a dinner party, especially when the party is held in someone’s private home. The hostess has spent hours organising the menu, preparing the house and décor maybe even organised entertainment.

So if you present the host with a gift that is filled with thought it will be greatly appreciated and you will secure an invitation for the next dinner party.  Here are some of our tips to help you find the perfect present for the perfect host or hostess.

Consider the Occasion
How formal is the occasion, how important is the celebration, consider the amount of preparation your hostess has gone to to get the event organised.  The greater the importance of the event the bigger the gift!

For a cocktail party think playful sophistication and grown up glamour, such as a top shelf bottle of gin with a quirky pack of cocktail swizzles.  For the hostess you don’t know that well think classic with a twist and something you would love to receive yourself, sophisticated and chic surprise.

For a Christmas Party take a beautiful ornate Christmas tree decoration is always treasured and enjoyed by the whole family.

Papaya Christmas Decoration    Entertaining - George Jensen Haighs Christmas Bauble TinJo Malone Christmas Miniatures Collection

Papaya Cinnamon Glass Decorations – set of 4 – $39.95
George Jensen 2017 Holiday Ornament – $55
Haigh’s Chocolate Ornaments – $14.95
Jo Malone Christmas Miniatures Collection – $45

Nail their Style 
Are they party-goers or party-hosters? Brave new futurists or nostalgia seekers? Even the most seemingly inconsequential information can prove vital in choosing the perfect gift.

Defy you Budget
If you want the look and feel of premium on a shoestring budget I’m here to tell you, you can make it happen. Taste doesn’t have a price tag.

Robert Cavalli Champagne Goblets    Entertaining - Bollinger Entertaining - Tolpuddle Entertaining - Reidel
Robert Cavilli Champagne Flutes – set of 2 – $743
Bollinger Limited Edition Rose 2006 Lattice Gift Box – Kent St Cellars – $200
Tolpuddle Pinot Noir with Branded Gift Box – Kent St Cellars – $64.99
Riedel Fatto a Mano Old World Syrah Gift Set – 6 Glasses – $599

Get Personal
Yes – it really is the thought that counts, write a message inside the book you know they will enjoy, a frame with a photos of you together, or bottle of their favourite wine.

Know where the treasure is
If he or she lives life on the cutting edge, you need a gift that hits the zeitgeist, something cult-cool.

Design Stuff Skultuna Bottle Opener Neueblvd Swizzle Sticks & Coasters  Entertaining - Waterford Tom Dixon Tank Decanter

Designstuff Skultuna bottle opener – $99
Neueblvd Swizzle Sticks – $8.00 each, Metallic Tumbler – $85
Waterford Crystal Lismore Martini Glasses – set of 2 – $210
Tom Dixon Tank Decanter – $245

Get out of your Gift Groove
If you default is a candle or hand cream, cast the net of inspiration wider. Think about glassware and furnishings to sleek gadgetry and games.

Jonathan  Adler Salt & PepperEntertaining - Jonathan Adler Coasters Ralph Lauren Wyatt Nut Bowl

Jonathan Adler Salt & Pepper Shakers – $88
Jonathan Adler Marseilles Coasters – $124
Ralph Lauren Home Wyatt Nut Bowl – $173
Ted Baker Backgammon Roll – $82
Ted Baker Brogue Black Play Card Set – $64
Tom Dixon Tank Beer Glass Set – $130
Ted Baker Backgammon rollTed Baker Card Set Tom Dixon Glasses Set

It can be about you
Don’t be afraid to add a dash of your own personality into your gift choice. You’re arty, you have a sense of humour – that’s why they like you. If you want it, chances are they will too.

Let your creativity shine
Get crafty and make something, a jar filled with home made cookies or christmas crackers filled with rum balls, box filled with fudge tied with a lovely christmas ribbon, jar of fruit mince with homemade tart shells to fill when she puts her feet up.

Entertaining - Bespoke Press Entertaining - Papier D'amourEntertaining - Trelise

Bespoke Press double sided gift wrap – set of 3 – $15
Papier D’amour Christmas Crackers box of 12 – $50
Trelise Cooper Tea Towel Set of 3 – $55

Wrap it Beautifully
The perfect gift needs to seduce the recipient the moment it arrives. Create a real sense of occasion by showcasing your present with a beautiful box and ribbon. It’s part of the theatre of giving something unique.

Once you have found the perfect gift, the presentation is just as important, paper with a complimentary ribbon and card always makes the receiver excited about the opening!  If the gift is for the kitchen wrap it in a tea towel, or some lovely soap wrapped in a linen hand towel.