Over the last twelve months our team have been working on a project with New Start Living and Anglicare that has touched the hearts of our entire team.  For this project we have been working with downsizers to navigate every step of the way to get them ready to move to their new forever home at Woolooware Shores.

The home they are leaving is the home they have spent the last 30 – 50 years making it their ‘forever home’. Letting go of much loved furniture and rooms of memorabilia they have collected is one of the hardest decisions.

Over the past five years, nearly 60,000 downsizers have sold their homes, according to analysis by the Australian Tax Office provided to the Australian Financial Review (AFR).

When Australians move, 36% stay in the same postcode and another 24% move within a nine-kilometre radius – close to familiar shops and amenities. Moving into senior living provides downsizers with access to amenities like gourmet dining services, fitness centres, daily activities, health services and a community that allows for independent living.

Making the decision to sell their family home and downsize to independent living is not a decision either the purchasers or their families enter into lightly. Like any big decision, it is one that takes time and research. We understand its especially challenging for older adults when a transition upends decades of “doing life” a certain way in a space they know and comes at the same time as possible changes in health and ability.

Our team have been working with not only the downsizers but their families to provide support, care and compassion during a time that can be incredibly stressful when navigating each of the steps towards moving day. Deciding what to bring to a smaller living space can prove as much an emotional challenge as a logistical one.

With the support of Anglicare, each of the purchasers has access to our concierge services with New Start Living. The list of services includes but is not limited to:

  • Finding a trusted real estate agent
  • Real Estate questionnaire to help make the right decision
  • Moving house checklist
  • Decluttering their home to prepare for sale
  • Securing a storage unit for the family treasures they are not ready give away
  • Finding a new home for furniture that is no longer of use
  • Staging specialists to get the house ready for sale
  • Interior specialists to purchase new pieces to make their new house or apartment a home
  • Organisers, packing and unpacking
  • Removalist
  • Utility connections – electricity, gas, internet, water, pay TV


“The concierge service has been an invaluable asset to those of us who have recently moved into Woolooware Shores. For weeks prior to the move the service was available for advice and help in preparing for the move. The service has been headed by Bec who has helped make the transition much less stressful for us.
She has been on site and provides a friendly face while troubleshooting the problems we presented to her. She was able to navigate her way through the problems to find solutions to them, remaining calm and reassuring whether the problem was trivial or serious.

Nothing seemed to be too much trouble for her. Knowing she was always available for help and guidance was a wonderful service for which we will always be grateful.  Her service is greatly recommended.”
Hugh Carmult

It can be challenging to find someone to help to provide care to your loved ones, when you’re very busy when you live interstate or after they’ve had an operation.  Over the last four years, we have been working with Kate Alexander and her team at Nursewatch  because they’re able to provide quality, professional healthcare in the home.

Kate has an extensive career spanning four decades in both hands-on-nursing, compliance and healthcare management, palliative care consultancy and aged care management. Five years ago, she turned her focus to building and managing her unique visionary primary care service – Nursewatch. After losing her mother suddenly, with her only sibling working overseas, Kate was adamant her grieving father would receive the best support but at the same time, she would be able  continue to work.

Kate wanted a quality service that would both relieve the logistical and emotional stress on her and her family, but she was strongly committed to ensuring her father would remain healthy and well – in the comfort of his own home. In 2017, Nursewatch was created to meet these needs.

The team at Nursewatch take a proactive approach to total health which includes preventative care – forming the very basis of the Nursewatch ethos. Services available with Nursewatch include massage therapy, health coaching, yoga, naturopathy and nutrition advice. Through these services, Nursewatch shifts focus from illness towards vitality, improving the overall wellbeing of your loved one.

Nursewatch’s new approach to aged care can play an important role in the overall health and wellbeing of your loved one. It can give your friend or family member who has taken the step forward to downsize and relocate to a smaller, easier to maintain home, the chance to enjoy this new location fully and for so much longer.

When navigating the next chapter in your life or for a loved one, our experienced team at ES Concierge are here to provide guidance, care and to lead you to the very best in services so you can continue to create family memories. Our concierge managers are here ready to assist you and your family, please contact your Concierge Manager.