Jo MaloneSpoil your Mum with the ultimate Mother’s Day gift “the precious gift of time” with a gift membership.  Purchase a 3 month Classic Membership gift membership for your Mum and you will receive a special gift of a Jo Malone candle of your choice.

As the recipient of a gift membership, your Mum will have exclusive access to our premium concierge services, bespoke travel packages and lifestyle experiences.  It is a service devoted to individuals who do not have the time, knowledge or experience to carry out desired lifestyle requests.

Whether your Mum is moving house, to a new location, seeking out new local professional contacts, planning a getaway, arranging for delivery of well-nourished meal plans or securing new contractors to hope with those must to do tasks around the house or contractors to help achieve hose personal goals,the list is endless.

ChampagneOur Lifestyle Managers are trained to gain a thorough understanding of every aspect of our members lifestyle, ensuring their service is attended to promptly to deliver each request first time, every time.

Our Lifestyle Managers take pride in managing responsibilities on behalf of our members, ensuring that they are updated on every facet of each request.

By purchasing a Classic Membership you will be giving your mum 30 requests of 20 minutes, for each request – that is 10 valuable hours of time you are giving back to Mum to spend more time with family and friends, to do more of the things she loves or to find new adventures.