Travelling for work and knowing what to pack can be a challenge when you are trying not to over pack and to make sure you have the right selection of clothing for work, evening and after work casual.

We have compiled a packing list for one week’s travel for both our female and male business members:









Female Traveller
1 skirt
1 Jacket
1 Pant
3 Tops
1 Dress top for after work dinner
1 Dress
1 Scarf
2 Belts (work and casual)
1 Jeans
2 Tee shirts
2 Exercise pants and tops
1 Sleepwear
1 Black work shoe
1 Flat casual shoe
1 Dress shoe
1 Jogger

Don’t forget to pack your dry shampoo for when you arrive into your destination to fresh up your hair if you are heading straight to the office.

Business wardrobe3








Male Traveller
2 Suits
5 Shirts
3 Ties
2 Jeans
2 Belts (one casual and one suit belt)
1 Jumper
1 Casual jacket
2 Tee shirts
2 Exercise shorts & t-shirts
1 Sleepwear
1 Work shoe
1 Loafer
1 Jogger

Universal charger
Battery operated phone charger
USB memory stick
Block out earphones

LuggageTips for Packing

Roll your clothes: Roll your clothes instead of folding to create more space in your bag
Layer it: Wear your heavier items on the plane to reduce the weight of your bag
Pick wisely: Remember, you can mix and match your skirt, pants, dress and jacket to create a new look each day and your dress can go from the office to dinner with a client with a simple change or shoes or accessories
Accessories: You can use your accessories to change your look from day to day or from day to night – with shoes, jewellery, and even scarves

Choose the right fabrics: When packing, avoid fabrics that wrinkle easily and require a heavy iron on arrival
Spritz: We recommend unpacking your bag on arrival at the Hotel and spray either a spritzer or your favourite fragrance to freshen your clothes from travel