We have the privilege of working in a customer focused businesses with Essential Solutions in our Business & Lifestyle Concierge services and Brand Activations and Collaborations.

We don’t have a tangible product for customers to touch and feel so positive feedback and referrals from existing customers is key to the growth of our business.  Think of the best experience you have had recently and how many people did you share that with.  Lets be honest, great customer service experiences are not an everyday occurrence in our day to day life; which is one of the reasons why people have turned to on-line shopping.

When you walk into a store or business, you are looking for the right level of attention, engagement and friendly customer service to complete your transaction.  This is the approach that we take with the service delivery to our customers.

membership-keyThe key to success with both of our businesses is 100% based on building positive relationships with our customers. Our customers are the most important asset to our business for both ongoing business and referral business.

In a competitive market, all businesses, no matter their size should strategically consider their customer care plan and treat it as a core value.

We deal with suppliers every day for the delivery of services to our clients and it is our job to manage their product delivery to ensure that is complimentary to our customers brand experience.   Sometimes it is a shame that suppliers don’t bear that in mind as we are also representing their brand and whilst we provide the tools for our clients to make the decisions we can have a key role in the suppliers selected to ensure they have a positive experience when dealing with both our company and that of our suppliers.

Our team prides itself on offering the highest level of care that will give us an edge over our competitors, secure repeat business and customer build loyalty.   By sharing their customers service with contacts and colleagues, will in turn bring new customers to our Essential Solutions business.

We have identified our top 6 key areas to ensure our clients receive the highest level of service from our team:

  • Open lines of communication with your customers – as well as verbally conversing with your customers either over the phone or face to face,  the variety of communication channels available to us, from Skype to social media, there is no excuse to not be regularly communicating with your customers.
  • Encourage feedback on your services from your customers – this will allow you to continually update your service offering to ensure your customer is satisfied and these slight tweaks show them how important they are to your business.  In our business, we believe that all feedback is positive and it is how you handle or what you learn from customer issues that will make your business stronger.

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning – Bill Gates

  • Consistency – customers like to be confident in the knowledge that they will receive a high level of service from your business every time.
  • Customer Loyalty – add value to your business by rewarding your customers to show the right level of appreciation for the custom they bring to your business.  Whether it is a voucher to enjoy the movies or dinner with friends or family, or by acknowledging a milestone in their life i.e. new home, new family member or getting married; right through to an experience they will remember.  By adding value to your product or service, your offering will become superior to that of your competitors.
  • Remember your customer is your greatest asset – never take a long standing customer for granted, always remember you are only as good as your last service delivery.  Treat your clients always with the same diligence, enthusiasm and respect as if today is the first day.
  • Training – make sure each week you share key business learning with the team for both their own personal development and that of the business.  Share positive customer feedback, customer issues and how it was handled as well as supplier challenges with the team.  Your team are brand ambassadors for your business, so it is crucial to your business’s success to invest in their training, ongoing learning and don’t forget to reward excellence.