Wardrobe2When was the last time you were able to close your closet door?   The task of cleaning out your closet is something that is either a constant on our to do list or something that we address when moving to a new house.

We all know the feeling that we have too many clothes to even fit in our closet, yet you often find yourself saying that you never have anything to wear.   If your closet is crowded with things that no longer fit your size or taste, the extra clutter can actually stop you knowing exactly what is in your wardrobe and make the most of the cloths that you do wear and that make you feel good.

Your wardrobe makes up a part of your life story, they are memories that give life to your clothes.   Organizing your closet and parting with both your fashion past and memories can be an overwhelming task. When you are ready to clean out your wardrobe hear are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you need this?
  • Does it fit?
  • Will I get it tailored?
  • Should I put it away for the next season?
  • Should I donate it?
  • Should I keep it?

Wardrobe4If you implement this approach to cleaning out your wardrobe, you will then simultaneously start to make a working list of the new items you would like to add to your wardrobe; updating your basics and adding new fashion pieces for the season.

We have Fashion advisors that will come to your house and work with you to sort out your wardrobe, ready for a new season, new phase of your life or a new you.

Our fashion advisors and image consultants will be engaged for your time frame, budget and lifestyle. Questions they regularly ask us when briefing them on a new client include:

  • What size you are?
  • What brands you like to buy?
  • What is your style?
  • What is your objective?
  • Do you want a wardrobe clean out?
  • Do you want a clean start?
  • Do you want styling advise? (professional, personal, holiday, new look)?

AutumnPreparing our female members let us take you back to our recent blog on Autumn Essentials http://news.eslifestyle.com.au/wardrobe-essentials-for-autumn/

We have been working with our fashion savvy male members to put together a list of the must have items to update their wardrobe for the Autumn / Winter season.

1. Overcoat – dressy enough to go over a suit and double as dressy casual on the weekend
2. Dress Jacket
3. Trench Coat
4. Tailored suit
5. Versatile dress pants
5. White dress shirt
6. Wool knit Sweater
7. Scarf
8. Jean

Mens essentials9. Chino
10. Cargo pant
11. Black, white and grey t-shirts
12. Hoodie
13. Down vest
14. Dress belt
15. Track pant
16. Dress socks
17. Sports socks
18. Joggers
19. Dress sneaker
20. Slip on boot
21. Suede brogues
22. Felt fedora
23. Overnight duffel weekender