Designing an engaging client entertaining program comes down to asking the right questions to ensure that the corporate hospitality calendar aligns clearly with our client’s brand identity.

The experiences you create not only become an extension of your brand, they continue to build brand loyalty and investment in your clients.   Designing a successful program of events, experiences and collaborations requires you to understand you clients, their interests and what is important to them when accepting your invitation:

When working with our clients to develop an engaging program that has a measurable investment, we ensure that each event, experience and invitations has these four core values;

  1. Key is the relationship with your brand, people and culture
  2. By accepting the invitation they have piqued interest in the event, education or unique opportunity
  3. The venue is new, aspirational, intriguing and the location is accessible for attendance
  4. The opportunity to network with the other people in the room

We live in a world where experiences are valued more than ever, we want to feel part of the experience and we want to walk away with new found knowledge from the experience.

When designing a rewarding program, we take a considered approach to design the best approach for engagement methods for your clients that encapsulates a combination of entertaining platforms that align perfectly with your company’s core values;

  1. Scheduled upcoming events
  2. Tailored experiences, workshops and masterclasses
  3. Dining
  4. Charity
  5. Collaboration

Our primary goal when working with our clients is to build a strong working partnership that is built on trust and as a team we aspire to continually develop a client engagement program that year after year is endorsed by their clients.