Health and wellbeing is something a society we have completely embraced as our new way of living.  Many organisations today provide supportive environments that encourage working conditions that are safe, stimulating, satisfying and enjoyable for staff.  This has enabled us to work with our clients to factoring in team building opportunities and programs that promote health, fitness and wellbeing activities to bring out the best in them and their team.

We have put together some of our favourite activities to rejuvenate, revitalise, motivate and get your team up, moving and to stimulate the senses.

Kickstart your team with a Fit Box by Aussie Company Aktivaal.  Each box contains a mix of functional equipment for a range of exercises including yoga, running and swimming.

Aktivaal Kickstart Box – Designed to inspire, motivate and get you well on your way to achieving your fitness goals. Full of our favourite fitness essentials that can be used anywhere at anytime – perfect for those who have a busy lifestyle and struggle to stick to a regular routine. The Kick Start box may just be what you need to motivate yourself or inspire a loved one to get back on track.

In the Box you will find: choice of yoga mat, iKOU muscle relax aromatherapy soak satchel, set of 4 resistance bands, stainless steel water bottle and fitness towel.

Aktivaal Run Box – Whether you’re putting on your sneakers for the first time, training for a marathon or somewhere in between, they’ve got everything you need for your best run yet. Known as an effective all over body workout, pounding the pavement also helps to relieve stress and increase endorphins. The Run box ensures you get all the maximum benefits of running by including items designed to help you increase your speed and agility.

In the Box you will find: aktivaal fitness mat, stylerunner voucher of $50, iKOU muscle aromatherapy soak, rocktape, agility ladder, skipping rope, protein shaker, stainless steel water bottle, fitness towel.

Research proves that yoga helps to relieve stress, improves health, increases focus and supports a better work/life balance.

Imagine the joy of taking an hour out of your day to enjoy the benefits of a yoga class. With so many classes on offer, it can be hard to know where to start.  Here are some classes that are great for your team to try.


PARKyoga – Sydney
PARKyoga is an outdoor yoga program run in The Botanic Garden Sydney & Centennial Parklands  offering yoga classes in many more beautiful locations. With general weekly group classes, corporate programs and private 1-on-1 classes on offer, PARKyoga can tailor a yoga program to suit your team’s requirements while immersed in nature.
Locations: Botanic Garden and Centennial Park

Sky-lab Aerial Yoga and Fitness – Sydney
Sky-lab offers aerial practices in yoga and fitness that incorporates components from yoga, pilates, barres, suspension training and aerial arts., Sky-lab Aerial Yoga and Fitness is a whole-body workout certain to develop your strength while having fun and realigning you from the compression of gravity.

Location: SKY-LAB –  Suite 405 – Level 4, 342 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills

Laughter Yoga – Sydney
Laugh and Live Well offers laughter Yoga – a process that allows you to laugh, even if you don’t feel like it, without jokes, comedy or humour. It is a body-mind practice that involves laughter exercises, rhythmic clapping and deep breathing exercises. Laughter exercises tend to be playful and interactive and often involve an action and simulated laughter.

Laugh and Live Well offers tailored laughter yoga workshops throughout Sydney and NSW and tailors workshops to meet your organisation’ s objectives.

There is something quite magical about getting out in Sydney Harbour to restore, relax and re-energise with your team.


Flow mOcean – Sydney
Located at West Esplanade Beach Manly, Flow mOcean offers casual, tailored corporate programs and private 1-on-1 classes that combine the best of Kayaking and Yoga and stand up paddle.

SUP Yoga – there’s no other practice like it.  Wear your swimmers, expect to laugh until your abs are sore and to do some asanas in between. This is not about elite yoga, this is just good old fashioned fun. Embrace the imperfections, the splashes and reconnect to what yoga is really about. The class format incorporates a 10-15 minute paddle to the floating studio, followed by a 60-minute floating yoga practice on the stand up paddle boards and then returning to base.

Kayak Classes paddle from the beach for approximately 20-30 minutes to a secret beach location. Once there, participants will enjoy a 30-minute beach yoga or bootcamp session. Followed by a cruise 20-30-minute paddle back to base.

Stand Up Paddle Board classes paddle from Manly Sealife Sanctuary to their floating studio 5 – 10 minutes away. Participants move through 45-60 minutes of yoga or bootcamp all while floating on the water.  Followed by a short paddle back to base.


Sydney Harbour Kayaks – offers unique team building experiences that focus on motivation, leadership, communication and collaboration whilst being set on Sydney’s great harbour.

Whether or not you’re into fitness or wanting to try something unique and new – here are some of our favourite indoor activities to motivate and get you moving that can be done no matter what the weather.


Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym- Indoor Rock Climbing – Sydney
If you are looking for a fun afternoon for your team to unwind and get to bond with each other, get them out of the office for an indoor climbing session or set specific challenges that will take your team beyond their comfort zone.  This collective experience will quickly build rapport & trust within the team, whilst for the individual improve their self-esteem and confidence.

Location: Unit 4C, 1-7 Unwins Bridge Road, St Peters

Sky Zone – Trampoline Park.  Sydney
Sky Zone is an indoor trampoline park in Sydney, with more than 100 interconnected trampolines that let you literally bounce off the walls.  Sky Zone offer tailored sessions for your team filled with jumping, climbing, flipping, dodging, dunking and bootcamp-inspired fitness, with added fun! Sky Zone is the perfect way to let off steam or get your team’s competitive spirit going.

Locations: Alexandria & Miranda

U-Bounce Fitness – Melbourne
Located at the U-Bounce Beach hub in Sandringham Melbourne.  You will learn how to control the coordination of your arms and legs while bouncing. Bouncing on a trampoline increases awareness of your body and a sense of balance as well as provides your body with a comprehensive energetic workout.

Location: Beach Road, Sandringham

Our friends at Wellineux offer a range of dynamic, interactive and fully customisable wellbeing activities to ignite and inspire wellness; and support peak performance and business success.

Wellineux believe that organisational transformation and professional success is not only about good systems and process, but also about supporting and guiding the emotional mental wellbeing of those people we entrust to facilitate our business on a day-to-day level.

As echoed in the wise-words of Henry Ford, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

Wellineux offer programs ranging from

  • Business mentoring & leadership development
  • Meditation sessions
  • Hands-on workshops exploring Mindfulness for stress reduction, creativity, communication and resilience
  • Corporate Yoga & Mindfulness 1.5 – 2.5 hour duration
  • Corporate Urban Retreats – designed to unleash the creative potential & innovation within teams and workplaces. Rooted in the teachings of positive psychology & mindfulness, Wellinux has created a one-day inner city retreat to help teams tune into their authentic selves, think with clarity and operate at their peak.

Other activities our team are taking the challenge to test drive:


  • Healthy Cooking Classes
  • Bubble Soccer
  • Taking you from Day to Night Beauty Master Classes
  • Indoor Skydiving
  • Cork and Chroma – Boozy art classes in Surry Hills
  • Jet Flight and airline Pilot Simulator


Wild Food Adventures run signature unique experience day trips in the Southern Highlands.  Explore local villages, hiking trails, taste bush roods, swim in waterfalls, cycle through vast forests, take in the view from above via helicopter or sample some of the cool climate wines the region has become famous for.

Three of their most popular year-round experiences include

  • Waterfall -Wander – Wine
  • Paddle – Dine – Vine
  • Wine – Wine – Fine Dine

All experiences can be tailored and can include guided day trips, seasonal food foraging, blacksmith, brewing and wine workshops, cultural outdoor feasts just to get you started…

Uluru Wellness Retreat from 7 – 13 September 2018
Join Peter Bliss for an enriching, memorable and transforming week in the peaceful, inspirational, and spiritual surrounds of Ayers Rock and the Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park in the heart of Australia.  Peter will guide you through mindfulness techniques to manage overwhelming emotions such as anxiety and fear.  You will explore human behaviour, ways to understand your emotions and tune in to your inner voice and intuition.

It will be a journey of self-discovery and indulgence with a range of health and wellbeing programs with tailored sessions supported by nutritious food;

  • Mindfulness and Qigong workshops
  • Practical intuition and intention tips
  • Silence survival strategies
  • 7 keys to mastering the mind and your thoughts
  • A CD of techniques and guided meditation

Nurture Her 2018 – Fiji from 24 – 28 October 2018
Nurture Her is dedicated to bringing like-minded women together in a relaxed setting to connect, learn, and be inspired to become the best that they can be, both personally and in business.

This immersive business conference for female entrepreneurs and leaders in Fiji offers an opportunity to connect, learn and recharge. Nurture your health, creativity and energy, while lasering in on priorities and walking away with actionable strategies.


Workouts & Warriors
Tahiti Fitness Holiday – Hosted by Michelle Bridges & Steve ‘Commando’ Willis 8 – 15 November 2018

Michelle Bridges and Steve ‘Commando’ Willis lead you on a high dose of motivation throughout your Workouts & Warriors Tahiti fitness holiday. This is a unique opportunity to be trained by two of Australia’s best-known fitness experts, with the added bonus of working out in nature’s gym! This Tahiti fitness holiday is packed full of remarkable fitness, health and cultural – an experience not to be missed.


Our experienced team of Project Managers are hear to work with you to develop your team’s ideal team Health & Wellbeing activity – designed to bring out the best in you and your team in 2018.