One of the questions our clients regularly ask us is how they can make their virtual events engaging in these times when we are spending so much of our day online.

Let us introduce you to Gavin Blake, who as been a visual scribe for 19 years and someone we started working with in 2013 to capture the essence of Wired for Wonder with the incredible team at Innovative Productions.

Gavin has worked with TEDxSydney since 2010 and has since scribed for over 60 TEDxEvents in Australia and abroad.

About Gavin Blake
Gavin as always used drawings to communicate from a young age to with cousins as a child or with lost travellers in Sydney. He found the art of Scribing at the age of 25 as a way to help people to communicate.

His work has taken him all over the world and has allowed Gavin to be involved in some incredibly interesting conversations from Yarn Circles with our First Nations people to board meetings in glass boxes in 7 star hotels.

Gavin is obsessed with playing at the limits of his skills and he is most grateful to be able to work the people from all industries.

What is Scribing?

Scribing is an act of empathy. Scribing is the visual communication of the spoken word.

Scribing is the visual communication of the spoken word. It involves focused listening, summarising, visualising and drawing; resulting in a content rich visual artefact.

Scribing helps to tell a story to your audience, engage and improves their memory of the virtual experience and facilitates sharing of the experience with their peers.

What makes live scribing such a powerful tool to your virtual or live event?

  1. The information presented is accompanied by visuals, making the content more memborable.
  2. Information based content is created live, which helps increase audience engagement during your virtual or live event.
  3. An event can be captured from any part of the world.
  4. The audience can watch the scribe in live time.
  5. Sharing visual summaries helps to maintain audience engagement and increases interaction post event and can be shared via social networks.
  6. Send the artwork to speakers as a thank you and to your audience as a recap of the content post event.

Speak to our team about designing virtual event solutions for your business from speakers, scribing, gifting and catering hamper deliveries that will ensure your key messaging is captured and engage with your audience right from the outset.