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Welcome to our guest blogger – Amanda Schembri, Kinesiologist at Change of Balance

Trying to do it all

Today, we live busy lifestyles

Food is delivered to our door, electricity and gas power our homes. We have careers, family, opportunities and some would say we are more connected than ever before.

Times may have changed however, the human body is the same.

It has not been upgraded or traded in for a sleeker model.  We are still operate under the same system.  The brain and body are the same as when we hunted and gathered our own food.

Our style of living has been upgraded, our responsibilities are higher than ever before and yet, we demand more from our body.

As a result, our body scrambling to keep up.


As a Kinesiologist, I see it all the time.  People are run down, overwhelmed and tired.  They are frustrated at not being able ‘to do it all’ and struggle to understand why they are not well or can not have clear thoughts and people are finding it hard to achieve balance in their world.

We are often sold the message of achieving a work life balance unfortunately, there is no answer out there telling us how to achieve it.

Exercise more, eat healthy, spend time outdoors.  Meditate, try yoga – live a balanced lifestyle.

Our body is an incredible being, it is changeable and an adaptable operating system that takes cues from the environment in which it lives.

The more we load on or introduce or, for that matter, take away –  our body adapts to those changes and it is from this place it maintains our health, our thoughts and our ability to navigate our world.

It’s pretty simple really, how much you load on your body determines how well your body feels.

In my years as a practitioner I see it with my clients but I’ve also experienced it first hand – I was the person who was to ‘busy’ to stop, to see a different way.  I had the corporate career, the ‘perfect’ marriage but on the inside, I was stressed and I was lost.

All I knew was to keep going because if I didn’t, my fear was that I would all fall apart.

That’s when I found Kinesiology.

Kinesiology got me back.  It showed me the relationship between my thoughts, feelings and actions and how that translated in the world I lived.  Kinesiology helped me clear my stress, allowing me to slow down so I could see my way forward.

I ate healthier food.  My energy improved and I had room to consider what my next step would be. I had space to breathe – to stop running.

Kinesiology gave me the space to change the way I lived to something I dreamed.  And now, I help people do the same.

The most common misconception I see is that we can ‘do it all’.

We forget that yes, while the world we live in presents us with many opportunities and yes, we are capable.  In what state are you are going to get there?


Joy and living a balanced life means different things to different people.  For some, it is a top flying corporate career or a person who travels the world.  For others, joy is found in raising a family and some are still seeking what living a life of joy looks like.

If we are to live this legend of a work life balance we must get our body, our operating system, on board and steer it towards the life we wish – then our life will become easier and we  can experience the joy we are seeking.

How are you going to live your life?
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If you would like to learn more about Kinesiology and how it works start now by contacting Amanda to have a discussion on what your next step to a balanced world will be.  Email: or on mobile 0414 746 479

Be the change, you wish to see in your world