CreativeSometimes we all need to mix it up a bit so things feel fresh and new.  Freshening up your home doesn’t mean you have to move out so the painters and decorators can move in, it can be as simple as moving the couch to a new spot, putting your favourite object from your recent holiday on display or creating a few little vingnettes around the house.

For some this comes easily, for others it can be a little more challenging.  Help is at hand with a great selection courses to provide you with all the details you need, alternatively call ES Lifestyle and we can arrange someone to come to your home to assist and work with what you already have.

The SchoCreative2ol
Megan Morton, “the house whisperer” has created the most amazing place called, The School, that offers a huge selection of classes with tuition from the best of the best who happily pass on all their trade secrets and their wealth of knowledge about styling, design and craft.  Megan has classes dedicated to Vignettes and the Science of Styling.

The School will provide all materials needed for the classes and snacks or lunch, all you have to bring is an open mind! Classes from $120.

Coco Republic
Coco Republic Design School offers several classes on interior decorating, design, working with colours and outdoor areas.These classes will introduce you to design principle and liberate new ways of creative thinking, they also offer these classes on line if you cant get to Sydney. Classes from $375.00

 Creative3No Chintz 

The hands on classes take you step by step through creating fabulous new things for your home such as trimmed cushions, lampshades and notice boards.  The fabric used is from the gorgeous No Chintz collection. The cost of each workshop includes materials, detailed instructions so you can make it again on your own, & an in-store discount voucher. Classes from $135.00