“Wellineux exists to ignite wellbeing within you and your organisation to ensure you thrive” – Amanda McMillan, Co-founder

In offices and homes around the world, leaders are being faced with making courageous decisions.

Should we all work from home?

Do we cancel the new product launch?

How do we take care of our employees?

Do we visit our elderly parents?

Do I need to rush to the supermarket to stock up?

Should I check on my neighbour?

We seek information, we look to see what others are doing, we talk to people, we seek more information and how do we feel? Confused and exhausted.

When we attempt to make these decisions from a reactive mind, filled with knowledge and fears, clarity feels distant and everything seems overwhelming. Often we see the results of this; maybe we find ourselves snapping at people, struggling to sleep or a tightness in our chests.

By engaging our reactive thinking, the situation grows in intensity and urgency. When stuck in this loop, we innocently limit the possible ways in which we might respond to the challenge. We become blinkered to hearing our creative ideas whilst fixed in a reactive and limited mind.

We become fearful in our leadership.

This is our invitation to stop.

To stop consuming.

To stop rushing around.

To stop panicking.

To stop ruminating on what might happen.

To stop.

When we are in a freer mind, things simply don’t look like a problem.  In fact, in an unburdened mind they are more likely to pique our curiosity and we find ideas come more effortlessly.

When we can see that it is the state of our mind that is a key determinant of how we deal with what comes our way, we start to leave the door open to the possibility that how we see things in the moment may not be how they are. We start to hold more loosely onto our problem thinking, creating room for curious thinking to make itself known.

This is the world of courageous leadership.

Our state of mind has the potential to change in every moment and with it how we see the world. Now more than ever we need to harness the creativity that comes to us naturally in a higher state of mind and demonstrate courageous leadership so that we can positively support the world in this time of change.

Wellineux support individuals, teams and businesses to leverage their innate capabilities of creativity, focus, collaboration, resilience, courage and more. If you are interested in finding out about their coaching for your teams, they would love to talk to you.

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