It might seem like we are going to be in lockdown forever; working from home, self- isolating, washing our hands time and again and being more insular.

Yet nothing lasts forever.

When this time comes to an end and the measures are removed, life will resume.

Yet it will be those of us who have embraced this time to slow down, to recharge, to dream, to build, to reflect, to learn, to get clear and to create who will be changed by the experience and will be the change makers.

It will be these people who will bring fresh ideas back into their workplaces that will transform their industries.

It will be these people who will have the clarity to question the ways of working that no longer make sense.

It will be these people who will have the energy to change their world for the better.

Do you want to be one of these people?

Most of us carry out our day with a lot sloshing around in our minds. The noisier and sped up our mind becomes, the more intensely we feel urgency, overwhelm, confusion, exhaustion and pressure.

Right now sloshing around our minds might be worrying about all the things we can no longer do, how bad this might get, whether to buy more toilet paper, how the numbers of people affected are changing by the hour, what might happen to clients and so on.

Just like computers, we humans have an operating system but, in our case, it’s widely misunderstood. We unleash the full potential of the system when we have less on our mind. Less insecurities, less to remember, less techniques, less knowledge, less of everything.

We all know this intuitively but forget it frequently. When we have less on our mind, we are naturally more creative, more present, more motivated, more resilient, more collaborative and more focused. Everything that we need in turbulent times.

Rather than filling up our mind with more information, whether on COVID-19 or something else, how about we take this time to do the opposite?

How about we rest in not knowing and not needing to know? 

How about we decide to suspend trying to figure it all out? 

How about we let the noise sloshing around our minds slow down?

It might feel very foreign, even uncomfortable or unachievable at first, but stay with it and see what emerges.

We might find that ideas come to us more easily, or that we are better able to cope with unexpected shifts in circumstances, we might feel less impacted by others and feel more present with our family. We might see things that we have never seen before. We might reconnect with a sense of flow that we haven’t experienced for some time. We might get more done not less.

So maybe it’s not about adding more in during this time of uncertainty but taking more away so we can reveal the potential we already have available to us and that we can make available to the world.

What might be possible from this place?

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