With many of our clients making the tough decision that there will not be an opportunity to bring together staff and clients to celebrate at the end of 2020, our end of year planning has evolved to how can we show thanks for one of the toughest years faced for both organisations, their teams and clients.

Over the last month our team has been working with our valued suppliers and partners to produce an extensive range of gifting guides that are designed to help our clients to show thanks, creative a positive message and a sense of connection in what has become a virtual world of working from home.

When we think of gifting we quite often think about it is terms of one size fits all, however one thing this year has shown us, is that doesn’t need to be the case.   This is the year for business gifting to bring a smile to the face of each and every recipient as they know a great deal of thought and consideration was put into the perfect gift.

The business benefits that can be accrued from corporate gift giving are manifold from increased productivity to employee satisfaction to longevity in client relationships.  Practiced well and in accordance with business core values, it can be a vital part of your staff reward scheme and client entertainment program.

A survey by luxury food and beverage provider Cartwright & Butler in 2019 demonstrated that more businesses than ever are viewing corporate gifts as an indispensable part of their business strategy.

  • 95% see corporate gifting as an indispensable part of their business strategy
  • Personalisation is most important factor when purchasing corporate gifts
  • 85% said their corporate gifting strategy strengthened valuable relationships

The era of sending company-logoed business gifts is waning as recipients perceive items with logo as marketing collateral, and not gifts. Sending a good business gift should communicate the messaging that you have thought about the recipient and value them.

Here are some of the key factors that we have seen are consistent with the success of business gifting during 2020;

  • The gift has been selected just for the recipient and communicates a message of thanks, value for their support and aligns with the companies core values
  • It has a personal message
  • A gift that gives back to Australian businesses

Our conversations with our clients have been very much about how can we ignite curiosity and excitement when curating business gifting for 2020 and how together we can support Australian products and business.

  • Gift Hampers
  • Custom designed products & hampers
  • Curated Gift Guide with a range of gifts for self selection
  • Fun & Interactive virtual experiences with a gift package
  • Family Fun & Games
  • Gifts for the Entertainer
  • Health & Well-being
  • E-Gifts with a difference
  • Celebrating at Home
  • Family Fun Day Show Bags

When inviting clients to hosted events, we strive to be known for delivering the highest level of event experiences. Now is the time to be know for “gifting giving“.

We are here to be your gifting specialists, speak to our Gifting team to start planning your celebration gift giving for 2020.