The Wellineux team understand that we are facing times of adversity, unpredictability and constant change. Never before has this generation experienced a global pandemic that has shifted the way we work, socialise and live our daily lives.

This daily changing environment calls on us for unity and support for each other. Wellineux are here to do just that, supporting leaders to step-up and inspire in these challenging times and to support teams to thrive in this new normal.

Wellineux define support through the following 8 pillars of wellbeing.

The 8 areas of wellbeing set the foundation for each of the below offerings we are bringing to our community in partnership with the Wellineux team. The workshops are designed to be selected either as a one off virtual masterclass or for us to tailor a series for you and your team.

Live Virtual Masterclass Workshops
Interactive and hands-on virtual workshops developed for leaders and teams alike across mindset, rest, nutrition, connection, discovery, growth and resources.  Participants will walk away feeling supported with actionable techniques to equip them in areas such as:

  • Cultivating a positive mindset in an ever-changing world
  • Managing digital distractions
  • Boosting your immune system
  • Restoring balance
  • Cultivating collaboration

One team, multiple locations, one direction – 45 minutes 
A program to build team collaboration and create cohesion and alignment in the action each member takes. This workshop looks at where collaboration comes from, how we keep collaborating under stressful times and across virtual boundaries and tap into our resilience and wellbeing. We could offer this with or without coaching to support the learning. Could be anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days!

The Resilient Mindset – 45 minutes 
A program to support people to gain an awareness to their psychological immune system and how it works to support us during times of uncertainty and stress. Topics covered will include state of mind, the psychological immune system, the real source of resilience, wellbeing and lots more. 2 hours-2 days dependent on level of detail required and can be combined with 3-6 coaching sessions per person.

Leadership in Challenging Times – 45 minutes 
A program for leaders on how to lead from the inside out during challenging times.  This can be done alongside individual coaching from 2 hours to one day.

Business Transformation Workshops – 45 minutes 
An opportunity for leadership teams to have a facilitated session to bring fresh perspectives to how to deal with the challenge they are facing. The workshop will make state of mind visible and use this as a framework to access fresh perspectives and build a shared understanding on how to move forward.

Boosting Peak Performance & Productivity – 45 minutes 
Working from home can pose a great challenge to performance and productivity. At Wellineux, we know there’s a more efficient way of living that allows you to work at your peak for longer periods of time, and it all comes down to your state of mind. This programme underpins ways to operate at our peak for longer, enabling us to thrive both personally and professionally. During this sessions you will learn about your state of mind and how to best use it in order to drive peak performance and productivity.

How to manage stress, worry and anxiety during uncertain times – 45 minutes
In times of uncertainty, it is only natural to see a rise in stress and worry. Anxiety can bleed into every aspect of life and it is imperative to know how best to combat stress. This session will cover key strategies to implement to keep a clearer and calmer mind during testing times.

Essential Oils & Mindfulness – Staying calm in a changing environment – 45 minutes
During this online workshop, you will learn how to utilise the natural power of essential oils to support anxious and stressful emotions. You will be educated on the use of essential oils throughout history and gain an understanding as to how they’re extracted. You will also have a chance to implement moments of mindfulness into your busy workday and gain new meditation hacks and tips. This workshop will provide you with calming breathing techniques as well as the opportunity to develop and implement new personal self-care practices.

Equipment can be posted before or after the session.

Working from Home as a Family – 45 minutes
In this practical masterclass, you will be provided with skills and strategies to set you and your family up for a successful day of work and school. Join our qualified Educator, discussing how to prepare your kids for an unknown amount of time away from the classroom. Learn the importance of equipping your children with time management skills, brain breaks and ownership of their learning during this time of uncertainty. This masterclass will also provide you with ideas and potential solutions for the remainder of the day when parents are still required to be productive and kids have completed their school work, think, alternatives to constant screen time! This masterclass will be great for parents of both primary and secondary aged students.

Tips & Tricks for getting the best productivity working from home – 45 minutes
If you’ve never worked from home or connected remotely before, welcome! Working from home can have many benefits, but the hardest part is to stay productive and make sure you get the most out of your work-day. When done correctly, many employees are surprised to find they are more productive than ever. This session covers all the top tips and tricks to get the best productivity whilst working from home.

The Power of Morning Routine – 45 minutes
Your morning routine starts the tone and mood for the rest of your day so it is imperative to start the day in a positive way. Starting the day off on the right foot, allows you to take control of your schedule rather than let it control you. This session will share key tips and tools to ensure that every day is a great day!

Contact the Essential Solutions team to find out more about how, with Wellineux, we can support you, your team and your business.