As we are all now in full swing of the new daily routine of getting out of bed, dressed, walking into the home office space to start the day, socialising in the kitchen or lounge room with the ‘never been happier’ pooch; businesses are trying to find new ways to stay connected to their staff and staff with their colleagues and work friends.

The new norm of daily teleconferences and Zoom/video calls has been thrown a curve ball.

Our friends from Hidden Door have created some amazing virtual team building programs so that teams can stay connected with each other and your business.

Stay connected, even while you’re apart.

Remote Lip Sync Battle

Each person selects their own song that reflects how you are working remotely, or how you’re feeling, or we can give you some song options to choose from. The Hidden Door creative wizards will turn the video footage into a polished video in no time at all.

Outcomes: Live your values. Show your strength.  Laugh, and support each other.

Duration: 1-3 hours
Group Size: 2-200

Day at the Races

You will have your staff on the edge of their home desk chairs with this interactive race day experience where players receive form guides and betting slips to win as much money as possible on three fictitious races. Everyone can frock up, grab a suitably ostentatious and over-sized hat, mix up your bevvy of choice and settle in for the races.

Outcomes: Everyone receives their form guide and bet slips in the morning, to give them time to chat with each to gather intel and facts. It’s highly interactive with everyone working together to collect the right info before placing their bets.

Duration: 1-2 hours
Group Size: 2-300

Remote Win It in a Minute

If you’ve never seen the TV show, teams must complete 60-second games using a variety of household items and objects.

From successfully stacking apples on top of each other, or running on the spot like crazy to clock up steps on a pedometer, to the infamous ‘Elephant March’, the list is endless. But every team is different and we don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach. With over 50 games in our arsenal, we’ll tailor the perfect experience to suit your team.

Outcomes: Each game is short and sharp and can be completed in front of your computer or via phone. While everyone competes solo, you’ll be playing in teams in a fun and friendly competition.

Duration: 1 hour
Group Size: 3-100

Virtual Amazing Race

Forget planes and trains and abseiling off skyscrapers, we’ve re-mastered The Amazing Race for companies to complete while working remotely. And the challenges are ridiculously interactive and engaging.

Teams of 4 work to complete a series of challenges that include taking specific photos, building objects, completing movie and music trivia, lateral thinking challenges and more. When the challenges are complete, we’ll send you all of the action photos!

Outcomes: The Amazing Race is designed to get teams chatting and problem solving in a fun and exciting format. Stay connected, even while you’re apart.

Duration: 1-2 hours
Group Size: 4-200

To get your team reconnecting and sharing a laugh, contact Hidden Door on 1300 390 082