Our fabulous Lifestyle Manager, Xanthe is this week sharing her tips for the end of year Teachers gift as a proud Mum.

As a first time mum of a little kindergarten student this time of year is filled with mixed emotion.  So proud that my little man has made it through his first year of school (and to be honest so proud I made it through his first year of school!), relieved that the school week routine will have a well-deserved break and excited about my first school Christmas performance as a parent in the audience not as a child on the stage.

I truly love everything about Christmas, the good and the bad, it’s all part of Christmas, I love love love buying presents for people and all the fuss and detail behind every tradition however I am stumped and stressed about buying the teacher a present.  My little man has two amazing teachers who have made the start of his schooling years so enjoyable, they have made what could be a stressful and scary time for both child and parents easy and little less stressful.  So how do you thank these people who take care of your precious little ones 5 days a week and do some much that you never actually see them do?

So I started investigating, I spoke with other mums to see what they have given in the past and I went to the source (not our teachers directly but friends who are teachers!) and sussed out what they love receiving.  There seemed to be a common thread of getting a lot of scented soap (hello they are teachers, not Nannas) unless it is Chanel no 5 scented soap and a lot of mugs, neither of these were said with delighted tones, so here are some of our suggestion that won’t break the bank but shows them you have thought about them and appreciate all they have done.  These presents could also be good for Kris kringle, co-workers, your boss & even friends.

Merry Christmas to all the teachers out there, enjoy your holiday as you have certainly earned them and thank you for holding the hands of our little ones and the hands emotional mums!

Little Shopper or Beach Bag from Citta – $44.90

Citta bag


Mi Goals Diary to remind them of when the next holiday break is! –  $34.95


Luxurious Channel No. 5 Soap from David Jones – $33

Channel No 5

Bring the smell of Christmas home with this Myrtle and Moss Christmas Candle – $34.95

Myrtle and Moss

Mecca “Under the Sun To Go” pack – $25 from Mecca – this is the best lip gloss ever!

Mecca Sun

Simon Johnson Hazelnut Milk Gianduja – $17.55



Holiday Reading Essential – Kinokuniya Book Voucher



Gent’s Hardware Pen Knife – $29.95


Gents Triumph and Disaster “On the Road” Travel Kit – Opus Design – $49.95

Travel Ket

 Trelise Cooper Tea Towel Set – Mistletoe – $35.00

tea towel