No plans to travel this long weekend, our Lifestyle Managers have all the tips for a self-indulgent stay-at-home weekend.

Staycation - park  Balmoral beach  Barangaroo

1. Walk – with no time pressures this weekend, take a beachside, park or harbourside walk and breathe in that beautiful fresh air.

2. Disconnect from Technology – put away your phone and switch off from social media.  In the digital age that we live in it has become second nature to answer a quick text or scroll through your Facebook and Instagram feeds.  How often do you take a quiet moment to just sit and read a magazine, the newspaper or enjoy quality conversation.

Staycation - home  Staycation - bed  Staycation - bath

3. Do Brunch – if you are enjoying a long weekend this weekend, schedule a brunch catch up on Monday because you can – what a treat.

4. Recharge – there is nothing as luxurious as not setting an alarm and waking up slowly and in absolute silence or grab that indulgent afternoon nap with your favourite book and throw.  If sleep is what your heart desires, curl up under the covers and catch up on some quality Netflix viewing with some obligatory treats.

5. Pamper yourself – I am not sure about you but one of the things we love to do when on vacation is book in for a spa treatment to totally immerse ourselves in relaxation.  Don’t wait for your next vacation, run yourself a bath or book your staycation treatment this weekend – weather it’s a mani, pedi, facial, massage or the works – you deserve it.

6. Diary date – A staycation is the perfect opportunity to spend time with friends, family and loved ones that you have missed lately.

House - dinner7. Unleash your inner Masterchef – this is the time to sit down over a morning coffee or tea and plan your weekend menu.  There is something nurturing about a fridge full of delicious treats to be enjoyed at leisure over the weekend.  Host an impromptu dinner party – these quite often turn into the best evenings, creating new memories and filling your house with laughter.

8. . Explore your city – we all get so caught up with our daily ritual of work, school, university and life’s tasks that we often don’t take a moment to explore our own city.  Grab the paper or jump online and find out “what’s on” in your city this weekend – become the tourist.  Explore a swanky new bar or restaurant you have been meaning to try, visit the latest exhibition at the art gallery or museum, family day outing to the zoo, plan a day trip on the ferry and learn something new about the city you live in.

Staycation - art gallery  Staycation - exploring