Guest Blogger, Fashion Stylist, Marnie Perlstein

MarniA little about Marnie – Marnie Perlstein is a Sydney based personal fashion stylist with a passion for helping people dress to best suit their body shapes, lifestyles and budgets.

Marnie specialises in the art of reinvention and helps women and men feel better about themselves and save time and money while doing it!

In getting us ready for Spring, Marnie is sharing with us her tips for putting a little Spring in our step when dressing for the new season.


Don’t you absolutely hate it when the seasons change and you are left wondering if last year’s Spring/Summer clothes are going to cut it this year? Just when you mastered your Winter wardrobe and got the outfits all figured out, it’s time to pack away the knits and boots and bear some pale white leg – argh!

It’s supposed to be easy for me because I’m a “fashion stylist”, but the thing that gets me is how fast fashion is moving and HOW MANY trends there are to keep up with each season.

I am going to break it down for you and guarantee you that if you wear a bit of any of these, you are going to look TRES Spring/Summer 2016/2017!

Metallic clothing

Metallics have been all over the designer runways and will continue to be EVERYWHERE for Spring, splashed across every part of our bodies and all over our shoes and accessories. You will find them in every incarnation from dressed up micro pleat skirts to more casual slouchy pants and everything in between. The trick if you want to avoid the “futuristic robot” look is to take one piece and mix it with a neutral coloured item. A silver skirt and black silk shirt for example makes the metallic piece the hero item.

Metalic  Metalic2  Metalic3

L to R: Romance Was Born, Country Road pant, Bianca Spender

Cold Shoulder

Shoulders are peeping out all over the place and it is totally on trend to be showing them off this season.  This trend really transcends all ages because shoulders are a universally flattering part of the body – they don’t age like legs so show some skin ladies!

Cold Shoulder  Cold Shoulder2   Cold Shoulder3

C/MEO Collective, Witchery, Carla Zampatti

Embroidered Folk

There is a whole fashion trend happening right now based around world culture and artisan crafts filtered down and represented in mass fashion by embroidery, oversized tassles, linen and big sleeves. It’s certainly not a look for everyone but super comfortable and easy to wear in more relaxed settings.

Embroidered Folk   Embroidered Folk2  Embroidered Folk4

Seed, Zimmerman, Country Road


Fashion is about to look edible with sweet pastel hews becoming popular in homewares as well as clothing. Mint green and pale pink, lavender, baby blue and light yellow are going to dominate Spring and Spring race wear. Women are going to look “girly” in pale feminine prettiness this race season – block candy colours as well as gorgeous pastel floral prints.

Pastel    Pastel3 Pastel4

Carla Zampatti, Tony Maticevski, Lover, Lover

Don’t be held hostage to fashion trends though. Be true to your own personal style and your individual body shape. Use these trends as pure inspiration rather than gospel. If you love the idea of metallics but don’t want to commit to a silver dress, wear a black dress with a silver shoe or bag. If head to toe bubble gum pink is not your thing, try a pale pink sandal with a white dress. I promise you one thing though – the cold shoulder trend is the most wearable one I have seen in a long time and makes everyone feel a bit sexy!! Good luck. Marnie x