When it comes to packing for a weekend getaway I am sure you too are guilty of over packing or feeling like you just didn’t quite pack the right things for your weekend.   As the sun shines outside and we yearn for the next long weekend, it is a perfect time to pack the car for a weekend getaway.

Our team follows these simple rules when packing for a weekend getaway:

* Pick versatile items of clothing that fit into your travel activities
* Stick to colours and patterns that mix and layer easily
* Depending on the time of the year, thin knits keep your suitcase light
* Pack comfortable and functional footwear
* The right accessories will enhance your outfit options – hat, scarf, statement necklaces, earrings, bracelets, clutch

Our Lifestyle Managers have compiled a weekend packing guide for some of our favourite weekend getaways – a winery or beach getaway weekend.

Winery Weekend
Spring is such a beautiful time to take a road trip the the wineries for a weekend of wine tasting, exploring homewares, boutiques & bric a brac stores and eating amazing country cuisine.

One thing that is a must is to make sure you pack well to layer your outfit so that no matter what happens with the weather you are still rocking a great outfit and you are comfortable.

Winery getaway2

Spring/summer guide
1 x Summer dress
1 x Cardigan and / or wrap for the evenings
2 x T-shirts that you can dress down during the day or accessorise or add a jacket for dinner
1 x Shorts or skirt
1 x Casual sandals or ballet flats
1 x Wedges or evening shoe
1 x runners for walking or hiking
1 x Denim jean
1 x Light jacket or trenchcoat for cool change or evening
1 x Gym gear
1 x Long sleeve pullover
1 x Swimmers in case the resort has a swimming pool for spa
1 x Pajamas
Underwear – day and evening
1 x Clutch – pack a small clutch with your essentials i.e. cash, cards, lip balm, gloss, tissues and your phone and leave your larger bag in the car
Fragrance – pack a light fragrance for the day when wine tasting so that your sense of smell is not overpowered by your fragrance and maybe a heavier fragrance or body location for dinner
Toiletries – shampoo, conditioner, styling products, hair bands, brush, bb cream, nude lip gloss, mascara, bronzer, nude lip gloss, face wipes, moisturiser, tooth brush, toothpaste

Beach Weekend 
Long fabulous days at the beach with the girls, your special someone or family.


2 x Swimwear
1 x Beachside kaftan or coverall
1 x Beachbag or tote
1 x Turkish towel – these are so versatile and can be used as a sarong, towel or wrap
1 x Evening kaftan or dress
1 x Dress shoe – sandal, wedge or heel
1 x Summer ballet or sneaker
1 x Havanas or slides
1 x Shorts
1 x Drawstring or pullon pant
2 x T-shirts
1 x Singlet top
1 x Dress top to wear with shorts or jeans
1 x Jeans
1 x Leather, denim or light jacket
1 x Pajamas
1 x Gym gear for morning beach walk
1 x Joggers
1 x Cotton sweater for the sea breeze
Toiletries – sunscreen, after sun cream, lip balm, shampoo, conditioner, styling products, hair bands, brush, bb cream, nude lip gloss, mascara, bronzer, nude lip gloss, face wipes, moisturiser, tooth brush, toothpaste
Accessories – sunglasses, straw or panama hat, camera, long necklace, bracelets, earrings, scarf, book, magazines.

Family Getaway – Packing for the kids
This can be the largest suitcase that leaves the house, even for a weekend getaway.


Dress or polo shirt
Tennis shoes
Dressy shoes for boys and sandals for girls

De-tangling spray

For the Car
Drawing Paper
Car seat tray
Water or juice
Bag for finished snacks