In the age of Apps and the search for Lifestyle solutions that make life easier – there are two Apps that really do fit that bill….

What is Uber?


Uber is the game-changing startup backed by Google, providing quality, on-demand car requests (BMW, Mercedes, etc.) with the touch of a button.  Download the free Uber app, set your pickup location and within minutes a professional driver will pick you up and drop you off at your destination – all without pulling out your wallet.

Following the success in America and internationally, Uber launched in Sydney in November last year, and in Melbourne in January 2014.

Thousands of Australian’s are now using Uber to get around in style.


1) Download the Uber app on your smartphone and create an account.

2) Using the pin, set your pick-up location and request a ride and in minutes, your friendly Uber driver will show up and get you on your way.

3)No unnecessary waiting: you can see where your car is on a live map and get a notification when your Uber is arriving.

4) There is never a need for cash with Uber. All payments are processed in the app via credit card and your receipt will be emailed to you instantly.

The Clipp App – The Bar Tap App

The Clipp3

Described as the Uber of bar tabs, this new mobile app that has been developed in Australia is changing the way customers set up a bar tab in bars, letting them leave like a VIP customers without having to worry about their credit card.  When it is time to move on or call it a night, the user just closes off the tab on their smartphone.

No longer do you have to worry about leaving your credit card behind at the end of night and trying to remember the last place you left it.

This is a great app for Corporate customers as it will allow them to set a bar tab limit when on a night out with colleagues or customer.

Clipp is already set up in over 130 venues across Australia with a further 100 due to come on board, and the app is available for free from the App Store and Googly Play.

How it Works

1. Find a venue

2. Set your limit

3. Flash your phone

4. Leave like you own the place