If we consider that the average night’s sleep is eight hours and the average life expectancy is 82, then we are sleeping for about 27 years. That is 9,855 days! With this in mind, let’s make your bedroom a sanctuary!

Graham’s 5 Steps to a tranquil and restorative bedroom

Removing the clutter in your bedroom will remove the clutter from your mind. Only keep what is necessary and give the room space to breathe. Also, make sure you don’t store clutter under your bed (this is bad feng shui!) A cluttered bedroom is not a tranquil one.

The only furniture you need in an average-sized bedroom is 2 x bedside tables 2 x bedside lamps 1 x bed 1 x occasional piece if needed (ottoman to put on shoes, reading chair or dresser)

It is important to surround yourself with calming colours. Generally anything evoking a summer holiday and calming blue water: White Light grey Beige Light blue Light green

Limit yourself to crisp white sheets, a duvet cover that shows your personal style, and a few scatter cushions. And I mean only a few! There is nothing relaxing about taking off 10 cushions each night and making a bed with 10 cushions in the morning.

Do you sleep better when you are in a hotel? This might be because the hotel has paid great attention to the window furnishings.
Sheer curtains – Only diffuse light and add softness to the room. Block out blinds – Block out 99.9% of the light, but you will have light spill on either side of the blind where it meets the window casing. Block curtains – Are the full proof solution to a great night’s sleep.

Art is subjective. Think about something you want to see first thing in the morning or last thing at night. Photos from past holidays printed in black and white to remind you why you are going to work in the morning. Landscape or seascape paintings you can get lost in you get the idea.

Our Lifestyle Manager’s can arrange a consultation for you to have Graham to you home to work with you to re-create your bedroom sanctuary for Winter, Spring or Summer!