For over a decade now, I have personally been passionate about seeking out the tools to bring calm and perspective and to help tackle all of lifes challenges.

2020 has seen us all face a year of change, uncertainty and new found stress.  Working with many of our clients there has been a common thread of the desire to identify and impliment a wellness plan.  As we  head into the Festive Seaon and make plans for a Christmas break, let’s set ourselves for success in 2020 with a complete immersive body session.

For me, one of those powerful tools is Donna Eddy, with her 30 years of experience and dedication to restoring health in her clients’s, combined with a specific blend of techniques, to change your physiology permanently, Donna has developed the ZenYin program.

About Donna
Donna knows first hand how debilitating pain can be. Originally a movement coach and trainer, she turned to movement therapy as a way to restore herself to full health after experiencing serious back injury at 21yrs old. Now for more than 30 years, Donna has immersed herself in all things movement and therapy.

Since then, Donna has dedicated her life to distilling the best techniques and helping others understand, manage and recover from pain and to a deeper degree life (be it stress to unresolved emotional content).  As a registered and active acupuncturist, offering three different styles of acupuncture, a trained counsellor & psychotherapist, massage professional, stretch therapist and coach, she has has treated thousands of clients of all ages; helping them to to live young and pain free.

Last week I had the pleasure of experiencing Donna’s newest package with ZENYIN, designed to immerse you into a sense of relaxation, calm and immersion. Donna’s new signature program can change your physiology permanently by teaching you to embody that deep relaxation from your ZenYin immersion, and embed simple release techniques into your hectic life.

The 4 ZenYin immersions will work with you on your:

  • Self care
  • Stress management
  • Senses and soul

Your ZENYIN session will include four (4) treatment methodologies that will re-set your entire system.

  • Neural re-set with Shonishin Therapy & Korean Far-infra red Massage

  • Psycho-emotional harmonising with Shiatsu; Massage; aroma & sound therapy

  • Energetic & Physical re-charge with adaptogenic Elixr; reflexology (hand & face) and a full body stretch

  • Soul nourishing intuitive healing with a deeply potent, personalised hands on immersion

This is an entire body immersion that will allow you for 2 hours to UNplug and ZEN IN, ON YOU.

ZenYin will:

  • Give your body what it needs
  • Nourish your soul with what it wants
  • Fulfil your desire for a re-charge

The BEST investment is YOU.

Donna has designed three (3) ZenYin packages:

  • One off 2 hour immersion session for you – $440 – Enjoy ES offer of 20% $352 for sessions booked for December 2020 & January 2021
  • 12 month immerse transformation $1,320 with a 2 hour ZenYin immersive healing sessions, take home gift pack to keep the goodness going, practical breath work, grounding and self care customised to you – Enjoy ES offer on bookings made for December 2020 & January 2021 of 20% off $1,060 

Working with our community on their Wellness plan for them, their family, their team and their business has been incredibly rewarding in 2020; as they navigate life in the new normal and seeking the best tools for a bright future.

To book your session, contact your Essential Soltuions Lifestyle Manager or visit Donna’s website to book your session.