Whether you are travelling on a short break or an overseas adventure, our friends at Everyday Cashmere have prepared a Travellers Wardrobe for all ocassions.

Everyday Cashmere understand it is a challenge to pack light and still look super stylish, without heavy bags. Here are their favourite Travellers Wardrobe combinations for your next trip, be it the Grand Tour, a Cruise, a Great Escape Weekend Break or any Adventure Travel. 

travel-jacket-01The Grand Tour
Packing for a 5-6 week journey through Europe or the US can be a challenge. Looking stylish while negotiating different time zones, modes of transport and formal and informal occasions is a fine balance. How much to take and how much to carry are important considerations.  Everyday Cashmere have put together an essentials for any Grand Tour.


Cocktail Top
The European
Ribbed Sweater
Lounge Pants
Pilar Wrap Cardigan
Silk and Cashmere long sleeve t-shirt
Jet Set Scarf
Hedgren Bag
Cashmere and silk 100ml bottle

WL-cashmere-cruiseThe Cruise Wardrobe
The concept of sailing away and being free is often hard to pack for.

Dinner may require at the Captain’s table requires elegant wear and trips away on a boat or onshore are easier without a lot of luggage. Here’s our wardrobe to cruise…


Lounge pants
Cocktail Top
Melbourne Wrap
The European
Tango Wrap
Pilar Wrap cardigan
Supersoft Scarf
Little Black DressCocktail top

WT-cashmere-adventure-travelThe Adventure Travel
Adventure travel often involves early morning starts and evening sunset viewings. Therefore you need to be prepared for the cool of the morning, heat of the day and often dramatic temperature variants. Everyday Cashmere recommend packing the following essentials.

Triangular Frill Wrap
Lounge Pants
Deluxe T
Woven and Kikoy Scarf
Pilar Wrap Cardigan
Vodafone Talk International Add-on T


The Great Escape Weekend
We advocate great escapes that involve eating, walking and lounging. So, nothing too tight nor too hot. It is also important not to pack too much so there is room for shopping along the way, if you are traveling by car, and hand luggage only if you are catching a flight.

Everyday Cashmere recommend;

The winged sweater is an all-season piece that can be buttoned up and layered up to keep you snug in a gale force wind. It is perfect with jeans and boots.The Travel Shrug can be worn 3 ways and is perfect for lunching.  At night you want simple elegance, so we suggest the Cocktail Top.

The European, with its oversized shape and dropped shoulder drapes beautifully for any day or night occasion. Ponchos are easy to walk, shop or dine in and replace a coat, and then if you are somewhere where you want lounge all day in good company, the Ultimate Robe is an essential.

Ultimate Robe
Winged Sweater
Cocktail Top
Travel Shrug
The European
V Neck Poncho
Panama Hat

Here are Ten Tips when packing for your next adventure:

  1. Check the weather for your destination, before you launch into your wardrobe and reach for your favourite items. There is no point thinking you have it right if you are 10 degrees out.
  2. Know your luggage restrictions. If you are flying, weigh your bag. Most airlines allow around 7kg as carry-on/cabin baggage. If you are going on a road trip, consider what other goodies you are lugging with you and make sure the bag you plan to take will fit in the boot. It’s easier than finding a larger car…
  3. Write a packing list. Think clothing, accessories, toiletries, medications, electronics, reading material, a camera, city guides…
  4. Start packing from your feet. Travelling involves walking and often changes in climates, your feet need support whether they are on show or not. Will you need flats, flip-flops, boots, heels, wedges or walking shoes? Regardless of what you take, a good tip is to wrap shoes in disposable shower caps, then pack them in the bottom of your bag.
  5. Go with colour schemes that mix and match. Dark colours and great paired with lighter coloured accessories. Plan by outfits so you don’t have to put things together when you are at your destination. I always lay everything on my bed, then, have some fun and start trying everything on. Check the look in the mirror and often, I take away half of what I initially laid out.
  6. Layering is great for versatility and fickle weather. Travelling with a wrap, poncho, scarf or cardigan will always spruce up your look and keep you climate ready. They will also come in very handy in an air-conditioned cabin! My favourite is our Pilar Wrap cardigan and silk cashmere long sleeve t-shirt. I don’t go anywhere without them.
  7. Don’t forget your underwear. Pack enough (!) in a soft cotton bag so they are easy to find and in one place. If you don’t have a suitable bag, again reach for the plastic zip-lock bag.
  8. Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise. We are talking jewellery, hats, belts, scarves, to make your outfits. These items are most important as they give you flexibility and keep you from looking boring. My favourites are our Jet Set travel scarf, it doubles as a plane blanket, triangular frill wrap, you can wear it four different ways and universal rib scarves as they all easily to fit in your handbag or coat pocket.
  9. Keep toiletries in clear zip-lock bags. Using travel sizes (100ml or less) and remember you can always buy toiletries at any destination. Pack at hte bottom of your bag to avoid leakages through your clothes.
  10. OK, so now how to pack everything! Remember to roll (rather than fold) to keep clothes light and less creased. If you want to fold, then use compression travel bags or (again) zip-lock bags so that you can keep the air and bulk out.