Give your loved ones their very own premium care service in the comfort of their own home

If you are looking to support your loved ones during these challenging times and ensure they are kept as well as possible, without being subject to social isolation or undiagnosed illnesses when you can’t physically be there yourself or it’s not safe to do so, ask our Lifestyle Managers to put you in contact with NurseWatch.

They are a boutique primary health care provider, offering premium holistic Wellness, Care and Social Services tailored just for you or your loved ones and they will visit you in the comfort and safety of your own home. Founder Kate Spurway who is a registered nurse and senior health administrator herself knows that every person’s needs are different and has created a business that gives you access to quality Compassionaires with a variety of specialty skills to meet your needs.

We work with NurseWatch because we know that quality and inclusion is at the heart of everything they do. Their ISO Accreditation and Rainbow Tick Accreditation assures every one of their private clients of a consistently superior experience with every interaction.

Packages available include:

IN HOME WELLNESS: To keep your loved on as well and buoyant as possible in their home, you can book Wellness Packages from $225 for 1.5 hours of massage and kinesiology $275 for nutrition or naturopathy and $345 for health coaching or positive psychology.

IN HOME CARE: To assist with the health and wellbeing of your loved one and ensure they have everything they need to stay well looked after, you can book a Care Package with a registered nurse from $295 for 2 consecutive hours, $580 for 4 consecutive hours, $695 for 6 consecutive hours and $895 for 8 consecutive hours. Packages include pre and post surgery support. Overnight stays are also available if needed.

IN HOME SOCIAL INTERACTION: To keep your loved one as engaged and socially connected as possible in the safety of their own home, you can book Social Packages that tap into their unique interests from $225 for 2 consecutive hours, $435 for 4 consecutive hours and $645 for 6 consecutive hours

To discover how NurseWatch’s unique Wellness Care Social Model can work for you and your family, email or phone +61 417 276 572 and Kate will personally take your call. From then on, NurseWatch’s services can be booked in convenient time blocks on their dedicated booking platform.

To stay in touch with the latest insights from Kate Spurway and NurseWatch, feel free to connect with Kate Spurway on LinkedIn.

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