Recently we had the opportunity to sit down with the Ben Wilson, the Founder of Medical Travel Companions (MTC).

MTC assists customers with simple or complex travel. This could be a trip to the local hospital, ten day holiday or private jet | yacht charter.

There are a large number of individuals, VIP’s, families, or groups who choose not to travel due to a variety of reasons. MTC removes this barrier and allows clients to maintain independence. All of MTC’s companions are clinically qualified; Nurses, Paramedics or military trained Paramedics/Doctors for VIPs.

All Companions have a range of knowledge and experience including: Families,Children, Elderly, Disability or Mental Health, Military,Hostile environments or simply people who just need assistance and reassurance whilst travelling.

MTC’s companions are available on a global basis.

  • Elderly
  • Disabled
  • Patients recovering from illness or surgery
  • Children (over 6 yrs)
  • Insurance recovery
  • Government
  • VIP and Military extraction
  • Patient discharge
  • School groups
  • Sporting Groups
  • Children needing assistance
  • People with a psychological condition.

Key benefits:

  • Practical solution for customers who require a professional
  • All qualified companions with minimum 5 years experience
  • Qualified Carer, Nurse, Paramedic or Doctor
  • All companions have undertaken a rigorous selection and credentialing process

ES Concierge & Co have partnered with Medical Travel Companions to offer a premium service that creates indepence to our clients. This exclusive serviice is the first of its kind and will positively transform the experience for our clients when they require assistance and reassurance when travelling.

To find out more out the MTC service for your travel assistance, speak to our Concierge Team or visit the booking link we have created with MTC.