The Art Gallery corporate membership program is an affordable corporate entertainment solution with broad appeal to entertain and impress exisiting or prospective clients.

Corporate Membership offers access and discounts to unique experiences at the Art Gallery, while providing great opportunities to network with other like-minded Corporate Members.

Amongst the many benefits, one in particular stands out – invitations for you and your guests to exclusive out-of-hours catered viewings of major ‘blockbuster’ exhibitions throughout the year – highly effective for entertaining your clients and guests. Corporate Membership offers you the opportunity to build your business relationships in one of the most welcoming and elegant venues in Sydney.

These events include an introduction talk to the current exhibition, a reception of drinks, canapés, plus the assistance of the Art Gallery guides. You have the choice of a variety of dates for each exhibition and the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly.

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Installation view of Sol LeWitt Wall drawing #955, Loopy Doopy (red and purple) 2000 at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, first drawn by Paolo Arao, Nicole Awai, Hidemi Nomura, Jean Shin, Frankie Woodruff at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, November 2000; current installation drawn by Kit Bylett, Andrew Colbert, Troy Donaghy, Szymon Dorabialski, Gabriel Hurier, Rachel Levine, Owen Lewis, Nadia Odlum, Tim Silver, Alexis Wildman, August 2022 © Estate of Sol LeWitt/ARS, Copyright Agency

Photo: Art Gallery of New South Wales, Jenni Carter

To see all the upcoming exhibitions you and your guests could enjoy including the Archibald Prize and two major exhibitions premiering exclusively at the Art Gallery of New South Wales this summer for the Sydney International Art Series 2024-25. Margritte from 26 October 2024 – 9 February 2025 | Cao Fei from 30 November 2024 – 13 April 2025.  Click here.

An cultural corporate entertainment solution with broad appeal to entertain, impress and reward.