When we think of a concierge service, our minds immediately think of a Hotel Concierge. That person you go to to source something you need, make a booking or point you in the right direction.

Recently we had this experience of service excellence when visiting Qualia on Hamilton Island. It was a moment to step into the shoes of our members and to experience the level of service that our client’s experience from our team. It reinforced the true meaning of customer service and the value of our business to our community. 


The delivery of service that exceeds the expectations of our clients has remained a core value of our business. The key to our success is our extensive product knowledge and our ability to find the perfect product or service solution, each and every time.

Over the last 12 years we have been building, what feels like, an encyclopedia of contacts and suppliers to be able to fulfill those out-of-the box requests from our members.  This year we have introduced technology as a tool to be able to continue the level of service excellence we are providing to our clients, adding a new level of convenience and efficiency. 

Our platform of choice, monday.com, brings our concierge services to the palm of the hands of our Life and Business Concierge members. This new digital tool allows them to add a task request whilst sitting in a meeting, when they are out and about or after hours. It has become such a positive way to communicate with our clients in real time.

One thing that remains critical to our team is keeping the strong, personal relationships we have with our clients and maintaining the consistent contact we have with them on a day-to-day basis.

This month, we are working with our Life Concierge clients to bring balance to their life and family. For each of our Life Concierge clients their journey is unique and the task requests range from developing a home maintenance calendar for trade professionals, travel plans for weekends away, coordinating family vacations and choreographing milestone celebrations. We’re also undertaking gifting for all the special people in their life and enabling weekly meal planning as well as wellbeing activities.

Imagine, having a team to take care of everything from the holiday research, booking of flights, accommodation, dining and experiences, right through to your airport transfers and taking care of your home for departure and upon your return from travels. 

It is also wonderful to see our Business Concierge clients returning to the office and getting their business life back on track. We are an extension of their team, providing support with everything from restaurant reservations, securing private dining rooms, activating events to entertain customers, end of a deal gifting and reward programs for performance excellence.

We have become an essential aspect of the way our clients do business.

Later this month, we will be launching our Founder Concierge service for the busy, fast paced business owner who needs help organising both their life and business. Helping them to find the right balance of time to spend with family and friends as well as in their business.

Entertaining, travel and coming together for celebrations is high on the agenda of our clients this year and it is our absolute pleasure to bring joy and a smile to the lives of our members, each and every day.