Every year, like many I spend time to journal my personal and professional goals for the year ahead, take a moment of gratitude for making it through another year of change and challenges.

Working with our clients over the last month, there is a strong desire to achieve balance this year as we juggle the continuous of working from home, returning to school and to positively plan for family travel.

We have been welcoming new clients into our community which is one of our greatest joys. We start with a ninety-minute onboarding session and take the time to understand their goals for 2022.

In our first Founder Journal for 2022, I want to take a moment to share with you the positive ways we are working with our clients to set them up for success.


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For some of our members, it is about helping them to move and settle into their new home and supporting them the find the services they need for a smooth relocation.  Celebrating milestones occasions with family and friends is top of the priority list this year, with our team supporting clients to organise celebrations at home, at a restaurant and interstate with a tailored getaway.

Decluttering our home for a fresh start to the year is certainly a way to my heart and to the hearts of our clients.  Working with Lisa, the Founder of My Curated Life is one of those life changing experiences. Lisa takes the time to ask our clients about their Lifestyle and what they are hoping to achieve when it comes to re-organizing their home so she can set them up with a system that can be maintained and not something that will only last a week or two.



This means something different to everyone. It may be that you have decided that 2022 is going to be the year you need to take the steps to make positive changes in your career or engage in coaching programs to help your team to thrive.  Founder & CEO of The Coach Life, Lisa Stephenson has a range of coaching tools for personal development, team performance and for leadership growth. To learn more about Lisa and her dynamic team, visit our marketplace.

I am sure you can join me in the desire to detox and reset after the holiday season.  We have partnered with the Be Fit Food team to bring you their Doctor and Dietitian 7-Day “Be Rapid” and 2-week “Metabolism Reset” 14-Day Programs to refresh your metabolism and improve your gut health.

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Now that borders have started to re-open and the possibility of overseas travel is in the horizon, we have been working with our clients on their 2022 – 2023 travel plans.

When it comes to travel, our Life Managers take care of all the details from understanding your holiday brief, to booking your travel, accommodation, dining and if staying in a holiday destination that is self-catered, arranging for all of their favourite things delivered to the house for arrival.

To our wonderful community, we are excited for what this year has in store for us all and we look forward to continuing to work with you to bring positive solutions to you in life and business. To our new clients that we have just met, we are excited for us to start our journey together. We can’t wait to help make a difference and to bring balance to your Life or Business in 2022.