The Raconteur

“A story about the quiet beauty of what was always there”

Our home fragrance collection comprises 100% soy candles, reed diffusers and raw unbleached Australian beeswax candles. Our body fragrances comprise roll-on oils and eau de parfums.  We only use natural ingredients, plant derived in our fragrances.

These comprise essential oils, plant absolutes and concretes as well as natural isolates. We seek out the finest quality raw materials and only make products in small batches when we are able to source raw materials that we think are exceptional. We recognise that as the climate changes from year to year, so too will the yield and quality of essential oils, absolutes, concretes and natural isolates.

Founder, Craig Andrade learned the craft of making scented candles many years ago from Elise Pioch Balzac, the founder of Maison Balzac. He attended one of the world’s leading perfume schools – the Grasse Institute of Perfumery. Over several years he learned about the key natural and synthetic ingredients used to make the fragrance, and the technique of how to structure and formulate fragrances.


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