Meet Lia, the founder and heart and hands of Stories to Gather.

Lia grew up in an Australian-Italian household and for us, food brought family and friends together. We would often eat ‘spuntini’, the Italian concept of family-style eating, designed to be eaten slowly and enjoyed as a group. They would fill bowls, boards and plates with the most delicious foods that the season had to offer (and whatever they had in the fridge and pantry). People would drop in for lunch or afternoon tea and still be there at dinner time. They would always make sure the table was full so everyone felt welcomed and would leave with a full stomach and an even fuller heart from the stories shared and memories created with loved ones.

Lia still today loves this style of eating and it is this warmth and energy that it generates that I bring to all of her events.

Lia’s grazing boxes are perfect for a fun-filled family day in the park, to share around joyful dining table with friends, to take on a romantic picnic, or to stylishly adorn the kitchen counter, or to nibble on throughout the day.

Grazing box sample menu: Assortment of cheeses, seasonal dip such as hummus with sunraysia olive oil and pistachios, oregon smoked cacciatore, Australian-made from a traditional family recipe, fresh seasonal fruit, selection of dried fruit and nuts, assorted crackers.

Bookings close Wednesday 4 pm each week.


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