They are driven by vision to be a one-stop shop where people can buy beautiful goods that are well designed, and of great quality. Aboee all, they aim to create products that help people make their homes feel really good to live in.

A family-owned buisness operated by the brand founderss, Verity & Shenol Kizek, who started the company back in 2018. Their passion for simple Mediterranean lifestyle to Australia took them to small villages in rual Turkey to find the best local producers. Today the brand offers goods for each part of the home, celebrating the artisanal skills of makers from all around the world.

They design products in-house in Australia and are very selective when it comes to choosing their makers. The design process is always a dialogue with their artisants – understanding their skills methods helps the ateam to create a product that shows the handmade character of each item.


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