The buds are the delicate, first flush of Spring growth, hand-picked for premium teas while they’re bursting with flavour and life-giving nutrients.  The beads are the stream of fine bubbles that effervesce from their luscious and nourishing sparkling teas.

The bones of it, comes down to a close-knit couple of food-wine-and-fun loving women, whose lifestyles and bodies were crying out for some #notboringthanks nurturing, that they could happily embrace in their everyday.

Best friends with more than 35 years of food, wine and hospitality in their veins, Karina & Jo share a hunger for finding new paths to fulfilling their calling for connecting people in ways that are wholesome, nurturing, uplifting and rewarding.

The range of 17 extraordinary teas that Jo and Karina have selected for Buds & Beads is just a drop in the ocean of some 3,000 tea varities to be found around the world. Jo & Karina think they’re the finest drops! All of the teas are blended, brewed and packed within Australia, using ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients from local and overseas growers.

Buds & Beads Wellness Bundle – filled with 4 herbal tisane blends, a sparkling tea, GABA Oolong and Cuddle-Me Chai blend – $160.

Buds & Beads Exquisite Bundle – with the most popular sparkling and leaf teas, featuring the Exotic Ginger Rose and Silver Needles sparkling, Jasmine Pearls green tea, Frangrant Earl Grey black tea and Good Night herbal tisane – $135.

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