In our life, there is no one more deserving of a special gift that say’s I love you, then your Mum. These strong women that have raised us, inspired us and shaped the person we are today.

Sunday 12th May is a day for us to take a moment to say thank you.  Our Lifestyle Team have curated gift ideas for every type of Mum and something that is unique for your mum.


  1. Bae Label Look Twice Sweater
  2. Write To Me Baby Journal
  3. Jasmine & Will matching PJ Set (available from 1 – 10 years of age)
  4. White + Warren Organic Jogger, Sweatshirt and Slippers


  1. C&M Miri Pretty in Pink Miri Skirt & T-Shirt
  2. Lee Mathews Teddy Spliced Trench
  3. Neue Blvd Fedora Hat
  4. Zimmerman Ninety-Six Filigree Shirt



  1. Cutipol  Goa Cultery Set
  2. Honeybee Wraps reusable eco friendly food wrap
  3. Tom Dixon Brew Cafetiere Copper
  4. DIIO Cocktail All Day Gift Hamper


  1. Gelato Messina Bon Bon Box
  2. Koko Black Australian Spirit Collection – Four Pillars, Starward, The Rum Diary and Melbourne Moonshine
  3. New Farm Confectionary Bubbles & Sweet Gift Box


  1. Cartel and Willow Dion Zip up Hoodie and Kenji Come Back Pants
  2. Neue Blvd Velvet Slipper
  3. Ms Brown Jasmine Duo
  4. Damesfly Candle



  1. Kikki K Stainless Steel Water Bottle
  2. Potting Shed Tools Gardening Gloves
  3. Merry People Gumboots
  4. PE Nation Thasos Legging


  1. Nikki Witt Jemima Earrings
  2. Astley Clarke Black Evil Eye Bracelet
  3. Dylan Kain The Rodrigues Bag
  4. Deadly Ponies Depths of Desire Bridle Scarf or glam up your bag handle


  1. Mini Dior Oblique Saddle Bag
  2. Louis Vuitton Ile Blanche Frangrance Candle
  3. Apple Hermes Watch
  4. Masion Cashmere Double Knit blanket


Purchase an Embrace necklace to support Taryn Brumfit and the Body Image Movement and support their Education and Social Outreach Program with the purchase of a Carrie Bradshaw inspired Embrace necklace from Blush and Co for your mum.

Share Taryn’s story with your Mum with her Embrace Yourself by Taryn Brumfitt book, it is the ultimate ‘how to’ to guide to loving your body at every shape and size. This book has inspired over a million people across the world to embrace their bodies.

Taryn is a the fiercely passionate thought leader behind The Body Image Movement.   She is a best-selling author and director of the inspiring social-change documentary Embrace. Taryn’s global crusade to end the body dissatisfaction epidemic has seen her recognised by the United Nations Women, Amy Poelher’s Smart Girls and the Geena Davis Institute.

Our team were so taken by Taryn’s story that in 2019, we are support Taryn to reach her goal to raise the funds needed to make EMBRACE KIDS.  The making of this documentary is important for the relationship that children have with their bodies and will be made with the same passion, heart and soul as EMBRACE for 8 – 14 year olds.  Why do so many boys and girls hate their bodies and what can we do about it?

The documentary will cover topics including social media, photoshopping, ‘fitspiration’, the influence of media and advertising on body image and role models.  It will also unpack why body image has become a global problem of epidemic proportions and will offer solutions to help children to foster a positive body image.

The most amazing goal for Taryn in the making of EMBRACE KIDS, is the plan to donate the 30 minute documentary to every school in Australia to educate our future leaders on the positive body image movement.

Taryn is running the Adelaide Marathon in May with the goal to raise $250,000 for the Embrace Kids documentary. No Child Should Hate Their Body… Taryn on 26 May by contributing via the gofundme.

If you would like to join us and make a fully tax deductable donation to EMBRACE KIDS click on the Documentary Australia Foundation link and don’t forget to read the heart warming supporter messages.

Gift your mum the ultimate “gift of time” with an Essential Solutions Concierge casual membership with one of our flexible packages of ESSENTIAL5, ESSENTIAL10 OR ESSENTIAL20 that will give her access to an extra set of hands and our wide range of services so that she has more time to spend with you and your family.

Perfect for planning your family holiday, moving house, for a new mum or navigating each week’s to-do-list.