Easter is a time to celebrate and create magical moments to treasure, with easter egg hunts and chocolate treats.  Speak to your gifting team to prepare for your Easter celebrations with gifting for your family, friends and colleauges.

Littles Treasures

  1. Easter Treat Basket
  2. Easter Bunny Silicone Basket
  3. Miffy Plush
  4. Phillipa Chocolate Vanilla Bunnies
  5. Koko Black The Littlest Bunny

Girls & Boys

  1. Seed Heritage Bunny Bag
  2. Seed Heritage Sleeping Bag
  3. Country Road Bunny Pyjama Set
  4. Seed Heritage Bunny Pyjama
  5. Seed Heritage Initial Beanie

Sweet Treats

  1. New Farm Confectionary Honeycomb filled Belgian Chocolate Whole Easter Egg
  2. Phillipa’s Gingerbread Bunny
  3. Sisko Bespoke Drizzle Top Egg
  4. Haigh’s Milk Chocolate Egg

Easter Cookies & Sweets

  1. The Cookiee Co Easter Hop II Easter Pack
  2. Flour and Stone Bunny
  3. The Gingerbread Company
  4. Messina Eggomaniac Choolate Eggs

Easter Entertaining


  1. Pottery Barn Stoneware Serving Bowl
  2.  Pottery Barn Faux Speckled Decorative Eggs
  3. In the Roundhouse Pastel Collection
  4. Fazeek Coupe Glasses

Corporate Gifting

  1. Flour & Stone – Easter Buns made with brioche, infused with rosemary and cardamom and studded with currants
  2. Tokyo Lamington – Easter Pack with 3 Sakura Hot Cross Buns and 4 Hot Cross Lamingtons
  3. Bourke Street Bakery with sweet notes of orange peel
  4. Adora Tall Easter Chocolate Basket

Our Gift Concierge Partners


  1. Stories to Gather Easter Tin
  2. Snowgoose Easter Hamper
  3. New Farm Confectionary handcrafted Easter Eggs
  4. Hampers with Soul personalised Easter Hampers


  1. Simon Johnson Easter Foil Eggs
  2. The Raconteur Soy Wax Candles
  3. Moss Manor – Escape the City