We work with our corporate clients to develop workplace wellbeing initiatives to support their employees as they face increasing expectations and workloads.  By providing Business Concierge services, Essential Solutions support employees to reduce the pressure of everyday life and give them a strong sense of balance.

“Statistics show that the average person will spend approximately 90,000 hours of their life at work.”

Global research has found that when employee health & wellbeing is managed well the percentage of engaged employees increases from 7% to 55%.  This research has also found self-reported creativity and innovation increases from 20% to 72%. Reserach from World Economic Form.

In today’s rapidly changing world, increasing pressures on organisations to become competitive, agile, and customer focused. To be “lean enterprises” has seen companies adapting to introduce programs and initatives to create a dynamic workforce.

There has been a recent shift for companies to optimise productivity, offer flexibility and above all else invest in personnel by providing services to enhance the lives of their employees. Seeing a shift in technological advances and flexible work cultures over the last twelve months has been the base ingredients for organisations to seek out services to help employees balance a high level of deliverables along with their personal, family and social responsibilities.  Learn about the advantages of implimenting our program into your business..

Essential Solutions offers to our corporate partners a dedicated solution aimed to support employees as they tackle the challenges of high expectations and increased workloads.  By providing our Lifestyle Management concierge services to their employees we work with them to achieve balance.

Our Business Concierge platform operates with our team providing a range of tailored services directly to employees.  The steps to incorporate the Essential Solutions Business Concierge services for your business is as simple as identifying the range of services to be provided to your employees and how many requests each employee will have access to each month or over the course of a year.

The benefits of our Business Concierge service:

  • Empowers all employees take control of their work-life balance
  • Creates a supportive and inclusive flexible working environment
  • Values employees feel connected at work, producing higher quality of engagement
  • Improves retention
  • Creates a supportive and inclusive flexible working environment
  • When individuals prosper, organisations WIN
  • Enhances employee engagement and productivity. Turns employees into brand ambassadors
  • Provides a range of services to support employees in their lifestyle management
  • Access to a professional team with over 20 years of knowledge & experience in personalised service


Our range of Lifestyle Concierge Services include:


  • Travel arrangements – flights, transfers and airport transfers
  • Accommodation research and reservations
  • Create personalised itineraries and prepare a travel & packing checklist
  • Weekend breaks and getaways
  • Unique, adventure and luxury experiences
  • Destination highlights – restaurants, shopping, experiences and attractions
  • Facilitate ‘away from home’ services i.e. house sitter, pet care, arrival pantry essentials for holiday destination and returning to home
  • Specialist destination management services


  • Restaurant recommendations and reservations
  • Catering for home entertaining and celebrations
  • Special occasions planning – venue research, invitations, catering, florist, styling, entertainment
  • Gifting concierge


  • Arrange personal wellness programs – fitness and training services
  • Meal deliveries to work and home
  • Book wellness and beauty treatments
  • Cooking classes
  • Life coach
  • Fitness and wellness for travel
  • Wardrobe clean out and styling


  • Relocation and new location services
  • Packing, unpacking and moving services
  • Home management services and everyday living services – cleaning, ironing, qualified trade services
  • Garden and pool maintenance
  • Interior styling
  • Personal styling
  • Nannies and babysitting services
  • Home computer, internet and entertainment system services
  • Life services – vehicle servicing, insurance, greenslip, registration, subscription renewals

Supporting organisations as they continue to develop the community and culture programs in 2021, Essential Solutions are the ultimate Business & Lifestyle Concierge Service.  Email our team to start the conversation | Let’s work together to develop your Wellbeing Lifestyle program.