In our search for the delivery of high level services for our Business & Lifestyle Concierge members, we are so incredibly fortunate to meet and work with people that built a business to change the lives of their clients.

One such person, is Kate Spurway the CEO of NurseWatch, who along with her team focus on “holistic well being” with an emphasis on “care, wellness and social interaction”.

NurseWatch was developed by Kate after she saw the need to relieve emotional stress on families who found themselves as primary carers but didn’t want to put their loved ones into aged care.

The system, which was trialled in Sydney in late 2017 and is now available nationally, operates in small blocks of time to provide more affordable care.

By merging premium medical care with wellness and enjoyable social experiences, NurseWatch provides bespoke home care solutions for moments when the primary carer can’t be there. What makes NurseWatch so unique is the focus on more than care. It provides support for families, relationship building, and a chance for seniors to explore activities they never had the chance to.

Research shows that the Australian population aged 65 and older is increasing. We are living longer and our care needs are changing. The baby boomer generation is the first in history to witness their parents ageing into their 80s and 90s. Driven by high expectations around lifestyle, relationships, physical appearance, technology, and wellness this generation will ensure they do old age differently from their parents.

The NurseWatch system allows you to book as much or as little care as you need so that care becomes more affordable than conventional services with the focus on quality over quantity. NurseWatch’s continuum of care model provides the opportunity for regular wellness sessions such as yoga, mindfulness, kinesiology, nutrition, and massage provided by experienced Registered Nurses accessed via an intuitive online booking process that provides instant and unlimited access to quality care within the comfort of the home, around the clock. Nurses form close, ongoing relationships with clients, giving them the opportunity to monitor health and general well-being over the course of the relationship.

NurseWatch aims to initiate the care process earlier on to not only enhance positive living experiences but to prevent future health and mobility problems.

Wellness includes services such as Massage Therapy, Health Coaching, Yoga, Naturopathy and Nutrition advice. Through these services NurseWatch shifts focus from illness towards vitality, improving the overall wellbeing of your loved one.

Care includes services such as:

  • Promoting independence through personal care
  • Supporting memory loss
  • Palliative care
  • 24 hour care
  • Chronic disease management
  • Post-hospitalisation care
  • Medical appointments
  • Wound care
  • Medication assistance
  • LGBTI concierge services
  • Montessori Dementia Consultant

Through booking these services for two, four, six or eight hours, you know that your loved one is being provided with the highest standard of care from one of the NurseWatch Registered Nurses.

Social network, sense of inclusion and community are all essential to good health and wellbeing. The social packages involve one on one or group activities specially tailored to the interest of the clients. The NurseWatch Registered Nurses are not only highly skilled in nursing, they also have other interests such as carpentry, photography, gardening and theatre, and would love the opportunity to share that with your loved one.

Why choose NurseWatch?

  • The NurseWatch team provide highly experienced, Registered Nurses for your peace of mind
  • Tailored services are personalised to your needs
  • The NurseWatch nurses will never rush the care of your loved one, with a minimum of a two hour booking
  • Ability to immediately book care online, at any time of day or night for the support of your friend, loved one or parent

Your Lifestyle Manager, along with NurseWatch can provide you, your family or your Business with the best in Home Care and Wellness solutions.  Having the right level of support for a loved one, friend or family member that has recently come home from surgery, day-to-day aged care management to a wide range of home care services in the comfort of their home. Kate and her dedicated team are here to provide you the very best in aged care support.