Essential Solutions recently partnered with Door20a Founder, Michelle Bowditch to create the EA Little Black Book for C-Suite Executive Assistants, EA’s and Business Owners.  Sharing such strong business values about finding solutions for our clients in business & life, made this collaboration opportunity a winning combination for both us and our communities.

About Michelle Bowditch

Michelle is a C-Suite Executive Assistant and Advocate with over 15 years’ experience across a wide range of industries in both the public and private sectors. In 2019, Michelle created Door20a to help Executive Assistants find their voice, disrupt the status quo and identify better ways to do business.  Michelle teaches EA’s and small business owners how to harness technology and use it to propel their career forward.

Why Michelle Loves Technology

Tech certainly wasn’t Michelle’s first career love, however, in 2018 she landed the opportunity to support her CEO who was heading a Silicon Valley incubation and this is where she fell in love with Tech.

The thing to understand about tech is that it’s not a one box fits all – just because your colleague or friend is using an app; it doesn’t mean its the right solution for you.

Michelle believes that to stay ahead of the game, using the right tech is a GAME CHANGER.

Michelle’s Top Apps to streamline your day.

  1. FUEL MAP is a collection of petrol stations and fuel prices throughout Australia; with all information added by the users, such as you. Fuel Map helps you to locate the best deals on fuel within seconds AND it also has a fuel log, so you can easily keep track of your vehicle’s fuel economy and purchase. Never pay more than you need to again!
  2. 1PASSWORD does all the remembering for you, it protects all your passwords, storing them safely in one spot. All you have to do is remember one master password and voila, 1Password delivers you the keys to your online life.
  3. GRAMMARLY flags potential issues in the text and makes content-specific suggestions to help with grammar, spelling and usage, wordiness, style, punctuation and even plagiarism. It is like having your own personal Grammar-Nazi at your beck and call ensuring everything you type is not only correct, but also clear and easy to read.
  4. CALENDLY is the online scheduling tool that everybody needs. With the ability to connect up to 6 external calendars as well as integrate with payment systems and your website; it empowers you to run your schedule seamlessly. It has great features that let you customise your appointment types, send notifications so you don’t forget a commitment and allow clients to book multiple team members at the same time.
  5. TRELLO is for those of us that love organising. Trello helps you keep on top of your tasks and collaborate with your teams or clients from your phone app or computer.

Our Collaboration

It is this synergy that brought Door20a and Essential Solutions together to collaborate, where our business, like tech is not a one solutions fits all. Door20a helps people to find the right technology solution and we are obsessed with solving all kinds of problems for our clients. Together we help to build stronger businesses, create high performing cultures and produce results that matter.

Working with EA’s and businesses that play the outside game is what drives our business success.

We know more than ever from the EA’s we work with that 2020 has presented them with more challenges than ever when it comes to supporting their Executives and teams.  Having a team that has become an extension of their role to be their support crew has proved to be incredibly valuable when jumping from zoom meetings, working from home and a growing to-do-list.

EA Little Black BookA dedicated Essential Solutions Lifestyle Manager for 3 hours, plus a 30 minute Tech Audit with Door20a.

Services: Virtual team and client entertaining, care packages, gift concierge, wellbeing solutions, office, team and home delivery catering – the list is endless.

Your Tech Audit: 30 minute Tech Audit with Door20a to iron out those bug bears of what is not working right for you in the tech space + some BONUS tips & tricks to enable you to ‘lead from within’ as an EA.

Contact our team to learn more about our EA Little Black Book and how we can become your support crew with solutions for you and your business.