Living in a world of home isolation is something that is new to many of us but for families that have a children with cancer they have been living a life of isolation to protect their suppressed immune systems due to treatment.

How can we help these families that are missing the Camp Quality Camps, a chance for kids and their families to connect with others in similar situations in a safe environment and just have fun.  Let’s all stand together in support of Camp Quality with our families, friends, neighbours and office teams to register an host a Camp In for Camp Quality Event in our homes on Saturday 4 July 2020.

Help Camp Quality raise $250,000 to give kids facing cancer the chance to be kids again. Sign up your family & friends today!

Camp in for Camp Quality is a fun ‘at home’ camping event to raise funds for kids facing cancer.

We’re challenging Aussie households to set up a campsite in the living, backyard or anywhere at home and ‘camp in’ so kids facing cancer can camp out when it’s safe fore them to be together again.

Funds raised will support Camp Quality’s Camps which give kids facing cancer and their facing cancer and their families an opportunity to get away from it all, laugh, make new friends and have new adventures.

The first-ever Camp In for Camp Quality will take place on Saturday 4 July 2020.  Now more than ever these kids and their families need your help. While for most of us isolation will be over soon, for thousands of kids facing cancer their isolation is ongoing.

How will it work?

  • It’s super easy to get involved
  • Aussie households can register and will be given their own fundraising page
  • Participants can set up teams, with their neighbours, friends, family or sports club!
  • The camping challenge will be fun and engaging, giving participants the chance to earn ‘camping’ badges as they complete key tasks and reach fundraising milestones.
  • Camp Quality will be providing campers with lots of fun activities to do on the night and they will have some exciting prizes up for grabs!

Join ambassador Jo Stanley and her family! Be on of the first 1,000 Campers to raise $100 and receive a $20 ALDI gift card.


About Camp Quality

Camp Quality gives kids 0-13 facing cancer the chance to be kids again. They do this by creating positive memories that chance the cancer story for kids and their families; in hospital, at home, at school and away from it all.

Camp Quality’s services and programs are:


  • Camp Quality Puppets
  • Family Program Coordinators
  • Child Life Therapists


  • Camp Quality’s Happiness Hub – online home of Virtual Camps, Camp Quality Puppets and wellbeing resources
  • Cancer education apps: The New Normal Navigator and Kids Guide to Cancer
  • Family Fun Days and Family Experiences


  • Primary School Education Program – interactive, educational puppet shows


  • Kids’s Camps and Family Camps
  • Retreats

Camp Quality Camps

Having a break from the daily ups and downs of a cancer experience changes the story for kids impacted by cancer and their families.  Camp Quality’s Camps give kids facing cancer and their families an opportunity to get away from it all, laugh, make new friends and have new adventures. Medical volunteers are always on hand to ensure children’s health needs are met and parents can relax.

The Camp Quality team run Kids Camps in every state where kids spend time away from their parents filled with fun, optimism and resilience building. In 2019 over 1200 kids attended one of our camps.

The Family Camps are an opportunity for families to reconnect with each other and make connections with families in similar situations.

When it’s safe to run Camps again there will be a hugely increased demand from families facing cancer.

Impact of Covid-19 – Kids’ Cancer doesn’t stop so neither does Camp Quality

Regrettably no Camp Quality Kids’ Camps have been held since the onset of COVID-19. Which means over 7,000 kids facing cancer are now waiting for the fun and safety of a Camp Quality Kids’ Camp.

When isolation ends for most Australians, it doesn’t stop for those with suppressed immune systems due to cancer treatment. The Camps are the only place kids impacted by cancer get to just be kids again – with medical volunteers to care for them and a community that understands their particular needs around them.

Over 18,000 Camp Quality family members from more than 3,800 families are waiting to have fun and reconnect in a safe, supportive environment. These families are trapped at home in a scary ‘next level’ isolation that won’t necessarily end when we flatten the curve of COVID-19. The only place they can be safe, connect and have fund with others in the same situation is at a Camp Quality event or program.